So I’ve already admitted that I have ultra nerdy tendencies when it comes to my dnb. One of the things that I do religiously is write down the name of tracks with hopes of someday owning them. I know sometimes these tracks never come out but with this day and age there’s hope that I could track down and mp3 or something eventually.

I have this folder in my email where I just email myself track names and just kinda glance over them every once in a while to update it and keep track if I have managed to acquire any of the tunes. One tune that’s been on there for years is a track I identified as a “Brother” Calibre Remix on Defunked. I didn’t just make this title and label up on my own. I copied it from numerous tracklists of mixes that I had heard that track on since 2003. Well lo and behold that is not the name of the track and that’s why I’ve never been able to find it. My dnb encyclopedia Stunna enlightened me today. I should feel some sense of relief cuz this is one of the main tracks on the list that has puzzled me as I have never been able to find it. Alas I’m so over it now that I don’t even care and can’t be bothered to even tell you what the track was. I just bought the cd off amazon so I guess I can move on with my life. LOL.

I saw a promo for the Marcus IntalexAstro Dance EP and got confused cuz I could have sworn The Sentry has been making the rounds forever. I’m already sick of hearing that track. Funnily though after a quick chat with Submorphics we concluded that I listen to too many mixes so here I am thinking that tracks have already come out because I’ve been listening to them for months but in fact they haven’t been released. *shrugs* I haven’t bought a Soul:R record in two years at least. They just don’t seem to hit it with me like they used to. I love Marcus Intalex but I feel like the releases aren’t as amazing as lets say an Outerspace. I liked The Sentry when I first heard it and I do like Cabin Fever. I guess it’s a decent release, I just don’t know if I’ll buy it though.

I’ve been really busy at work today typing this brief for my boss. I can think of nothing more boring. It’s 20 pages so far. *sigh* I’m just listening to music and trying to stay awake.

I’ve got no idea who this Maxtekk is but I really liked the mix. There’s a few technical glitches here and there but I loved the selection. His page is in Russian so if you can read it lemme know the details about him cuz I am unfortunately am not fluent in Russian. πŸ˜‰



01. DJ Marky & Makoto – Long Distance: Sao Paolo – Tokio
02. BCee & Loma Electrosoul System – Moving In Transit
03. DJ Marky & Makoto – Secret Place
04. Concept & Shnek – Electrify
05. Sardi vs Vutex & Betex – Serenity
06. Concept & Shnek – Dreamin πŸ™‚
07. Marky & Bungle – Let Me Tell You
08. Zero T – Walk Away (feat. Steo)
09. Redeyes – Turn Around
10. Peyo – U Can Make it
11. Physics – Girl From the Moon
12. LAOS – Harmony
13. Blame – Stay Forever


3 thoughts on “Geek

  1. Thank’s lady πŸ™‚

    its for you

    1. Noize Draft – Believe In My Love
    2. Brookes Brothers – Rainman
    3. Common – The Light
    4. Chino – Jade Sunrise
    5. Redeyes – Hey Lover
    6. Goldie – Sea Of Tears
    7. TC – Flatline
    8. Noize Draft – Rememer About (Feat. Akmula & Kara K)
    9. Contour & Stunna – Cant Go Back
    10. Contour – Backward Motion
    11. Bexxie – Fade Away
    12. Red Shift Mantra – Rain (Blame Remix)
    13. Bladerunner – Forever You
    14. Switch – Hilltop View


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