Chunky Monkey

Went to Seminar last night. Greg had a really lovely set. Hung out with Ju Ju, chatted a lot with Stunna about dnb. I love our little chats. He really is my dnb encyclopedia. Discussed a lot about how much i’m digging Donnie Dubson’s stuff. His Anti Depressing Soul Music EP just came out on promo and it’s just dope. Goonies is definitely my favourite track on there but I really do love all four tracks. Here’s some gratuitous Chunk for no reason whatsoever. 😉

I’m having a pretty average day. Nothing too spectacular to report.

Shouts to Jamar for helping translate Maxtekk’s page. 🙂



On the page that had this Random Movement mix there was also Calibre and Marky’s b2b set from the same night. I would have posted it except for the fact that there is the most horrid emcee chatting throughout and I couldn’t take it, which is a bummer cuz it sounded like there were some decent tracks in the mix. Here’s the link if you feel like you can handle the dude’s voice. Don’t fret though this Random Movement mix doesn’t disappoint. I’ve been listening to it for the past couple of days. Mike is on fire lately, I swear, he’s got so many tracks floating around!

Random MovementLive @ The End July 2008

  1. Random Movement – Kids In The Sea
  2. Mutt – Open Wide
  3. Lomax & Focus – 5 Weeks
  4. Lenzman & Clart – What We Had
  5. Lenzman ft Cliff – Lose You
  6. Brother – Junction
  7. Lenzman ft Jo-S – Emeralds
  8. ?
  9. Gulfway Cartel – Choose You
  10. ?
  11. Random Movement – Psychedelic Drainpipe
  12. Random Movement – Roulette Addiction
  13. 4 Hero – 9×9 (MIST Remix)
  14. Calibre – Cold Halo
  15. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc & Focus – My Sentiments
  16. Klute – Now Always Forever (Calibre Remix)
  17. Random Movement – The Student
  18. ?
  19. Danny Byrd ft MC Foxy – Planet Music
  20. Marky & Random Movement – Pela Note
  21. Random Movement – Her Song
  22. Roni Size – Want Your Body (Calibre Remix) (so good, one of my Calibre faves!)

3 thoughts on “Chunky Monkey

  1. im still laughing about chunk. i cant close your blog and i cant stop staring at chunk.

    chunk. chunk. chunk.

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