Not feeling too well.  I really think my bouts with sickness might have something to do with my office. Before I started working here I really was one of those people that never got sick and all of a sudden I find myself being poorly quite frequently.

I had a good weekend.  It was nice to see my friends.  Jess’s party was cool.

I’m having a pretty blah day.  I’m sure it has to do with the rain and the feeling sick etc.

I was listening to Decem’s “Don’t Sleep” (track is in the player) this morning.  Still really digging that track.  It gets stuck in my head on the regular.

Kinda digging this KjellEmpty Wallets.

I was pretty excited when I saw this Randall mix.  Someone on the Breaksblog board made a comment about not hearing a mix of Randall’s without an MC.  It’s so true!  I think the last time I heard a mix of his with no MC was back in the late ’90s. LOL.

RandallLive @ Swerve

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