Don’t Hang Up The Phone!!

I can’t remember if I wrote about this already or not but my phone has been fucked for like the past week. At first I was really into the silence but now it’s kinda lonely. I can make calls but not receive them or receive texts BUT if I’m on the phone then it works. How ridiculous is that? I can’t just stay on the phone forever.

Going to the Distance show tonight. Woot woot. I’m excited to hear good music. Should be fun.

Hunting for a dress for this wedding I’m going to next week is getting on my nerves. I know exactly what I want but I can’t seem to find it. That’s why it would be cool to be a designer cuz you would just make what you want and not have to worry about endless annoying shopping trips searching for something that resembles what you would like.

Man, that spotlight mix of Specific on Bassdrive yesterday was awesome. Definitely into that dude’s tunes. I’m the worst trainspotter ever. I always miss track ids and constantly ask for them to be repeated and usually still end up getting them wrong. My favourite track on the mix yesterday was called Something New. I’m pretty sure it was by Specific and I’m pretty sure that was the title, but like I just said, I’m not the best at paying attention so I could be wholeheartedly wrong.

The Arbitrators are on holiday this week so I guess there’s not much going on in the Workers’ Compensation Law world which means I’m doing menial mundane tasks around the office. It always seems like fun to have nothing to do but it’s really only fun for a couple of hours and then you just get bored of being bored.

Toodloo for now

Apparently someone likes L.A.O.S as much as I do. šŸ˜‰ Really nice mix from Dj Lixx.

Dj LixxSummer Music Lunch 03


01. Dirrrty B – Keep My Heart Beating – Peer Pressure, 2008
02. L.A.O.S. – Harmony – Future Retro, 2008
03. Apex – Weeping Willow – Horizons, 2008
04. London Elektricity – Southeastern Dream – Hospital, 2008
05. Loxy & Matt-U – Iron Skies (Loxy Remix) – Fokuz, 2007
06. Donnie Dubson – Rolling Home – Have-A-Break, 2007
07. Dirrrty B – She Is A Lady – DUB, 2008
08. Sketch & Code – Lazy Days – Emotif, 2004
09. Electrosoul System (feat. Misha) – On The Beach – Fokuz, 2006
10. Unknown Artist – On Top (Drum&Bass Mix) – Work, 2007
11. London Elektricity – Attack Ships On Fire – Hospital, 2008
12. 4 Hero – Morning Child (L.A.O.S. Remix) – Raw Canvas, 2007
13. L.A.O.S. – We All – Spearhead, 2008
14. L.A.O.S. – Helsinki – Future Retro, 2008
15. Logistics – Thunderchild – Hospital, 2005
16. Syncopix – Together Again – Logistics Remix, 2006
17. Leviticus – Burial (Logistics Big Bad & Heavy Mix) – Philly Blunt, 2005


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