Wobble Wobble Wobble

The tracks that Distance was playing yesterday were pretty insane. Dubstep on a loud sound system is just crazy. I feel like I totally had my bass screwface on the whole time the wobble bass was in effect. It was just sick. πŸ™‚ He didn’t go on til one though and I left at 2. So I enjoyed a good hour of the dubstep attack. I can’t stay out late when I have to be at work in the morning. I cherish the little sleep that I do get.

My boss isn’t here yet and I really don’t have anything to do so I’m kinda just twiddling my thumbs listening to Spinn on Bassdrive.

I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of really good mixes over the past couple of day so I’m kinda looking forward to listening to them this weekend.

Some of the mixes I have been listening to at work have been throwing in old jams which are so great to hear. I wanna do an old skool mix but the organization of my records is pretty crap as I had made the transition from crates to a lovely record shelf and didn’t keep order as I did that. Now that I’m going to have two lovely days off a week, wanting to make this mix might give me the incentive to put some order to my vinyl… I said might. πŸ˜‰

I can’t believe I’m actually admitting this but I really like that Noisia track – Diplodocus. (track is in the player) Yikes. I generally dislike most Noisa stuff. It’s just not really my cup of tea. Diplodocus makes me wanna rave out though. I feel like it’s a total party tune.

I heard this track this morning but I don’t really have that much info on it. Boo. I just remember it was really pretty and I can’t seem to find any info on the artist. Boo squared.

Dub-L – Calling

I’m gonna try and make the clock move faster with my jedi mind tricks. Have a good weekend.


RedeyesBreakbeat.Co.Uk Podcast 8/21/08


  1. Redeyes – Clapslap [CIA DEEPKUT]
  2. Random Movement, Mixmaster Doc, Focus – My Sentiments [INNERGROUND]
  3. Lomax – BigFoot
  4. Lynx – Break The Mod [SOUL:R]
  5. Digital Hunters – Red Glass [INNERGROUND]
  6. Mutt – Rumours [HORIZONS]
  7. Redeyes – Let It Shine [SPEARHEAD]
  8. Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down [BREAKBEAT KAOS]
  9. Lenzman – ? (Last Day On Earth)
  10. Breakage – Come Back [BASSBIN]
  11. Optical – The Shining (Remix) [METRO]
  12. LIS – The Phlebass Consideration [PLAY MUZIK]
  13. Nu:Tone – Troopers
  14. SPY – Flash Point OK
  15. Bill Riley – The Chill [FULL CYCLE]
  16. Calibre & Spacek – Shine [SIGNATURE]
  17. Redeyes & Sweed – Poetry In Motion [SPEARHEAD]
  18. Random Movement, Focus, Mixmaster Doc, Noah D – Sacrifice
  19. Lenzman – Mesmerized
  20. Naibu – Opium Lady
  21. Eveson – Simply
  22. Calibre – Always Lovin You [SIGNATURE]
  23. D-Bridge – Mr Malcontent [EXIT]
  24. Seba & Krazy – Finola [INNERGROUND]
  25. Naibu – Aki [BREAKIN]
  26. D-Bridge – True Romance [METALHEADZ]
  27. Calibre – Ringtone [SAMURAI MUSIC]
  28. SPY – New Begining
  29. Fracture & Neptune – Killerwhat [PLAY MUZIK]
  30. Icicle – Spartan [SHOGUN AUDIO]
  31. Instra:mental – Rogue [DARKESTRAL]
  32. Photek – Rings Around Saturn

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