It’s wednesday. My mum is coming this weekend. There’s kind of a lotta things going on around me that are pretty major. We’ll see how they pan out.

Love these tunes:

Ed Oberon – Kid Rio This track is out of control. I love it. I heard it in the mix on Tyler’s show and it was fire. Check it out, it’s in the player.

KjellHealing Process Lovin this one. Really great bassline. I feel like Kjell’s tracks have a distinct style, not quite sure how to describe it but whatever it is I like it.

Tyler StraubWaiting For You I had actually meant to write about this track when I heard it on Bassdrive about a month ago but I really wanted to wait til I had a sample to share with you. It has this really serene melodic vibe that is just awesome. Not only do I have a sample but it’s actually available as a free download from the Santorin site. Now that is pretty cool. 🙂

Today’s Oldie – Roni SizeWatching Windows (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) – Talking Loud 1998 All my oldie favourites seem to be by the same artists. LOL. Seriously though, I do remember from about ’95 to about ’00 I could always rely on the same labels and the same artists for my tracks. They were the ones doing the best stuff and others couldn’t even really come close. This remix is ridiculously wonderful. I love the idea of a remix. I’m always curious to see what someone else would do with a track. The Ed Rush and Optical spin is just lovely. Classic track.

This mix should be fire.

BreakFuture Soul Promo Mix Oct 2008


Break – ???
??? – ???
Break – Lead the Way [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
SpectraSoul – Tectonics [DEEP SOUL MUSIC]
Break & Survival – Dawn [DNAUDIO]
Break – ???
Break – Reach Out [SYMMETRY]
>>Calibre – Fire And Water [SOUL:R]
Break – Splash Step [QUARANTINE]
Dose & Menace – Pick Up [SAMURAI MUSIC]
Break – All Around [SYMMETRY]
Spinline – Cold Feet [SOM Music]
Break – Let It Happen [SHOGUN AUDIO]
??? – ???
??? – ???
Zero T – Goes Around [SHOGUN AUDIO]
Total Science – S.O.S [VIOLENCE]
Break feat. Keyo – Last Chance [SYMMETRY]

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