I’ve been in a funk all week.  Boo.  No one’s happy all the time I guess so I’m trying not to let it stress me out.


Druid – The Blue Yonder Oh the wonders of the Bassdrive chat room.  I heard this track on Bassdrive last month.  I listen all day at work.  I have a sheet of paper that I scrawl down tracks I like on the right side of my desk and if I want to write about them I stick a post it note on the monitor.  I couldn’t find Druid’s myspace page so I’ve basically kept scratching out this track and throwing away post it notes for the past month.  LOL.  I saw a Druid in the chatroom and lo and behold it was in fact the one and only and now I can share the track with you.   I just like that it has a symphonious ring to it.   I’m not trying to be pretentious with that word, it was the only one that came to mind.  I actually had to look it up on to make sure it wasn’t a synonym I had made up.  I just imagine the London Symphony Orchestra playing this tune and everyone just nodding their heads.  The track is in the player.

Poise & Hybrid JCaptured Moment (track is in both of their players)  I’m not actually familiar with these two producers but I’m definitely digging the track.

CalibreDon’t Mind EP I like this EP but I can’t tell if it’s cuz I’m kinda emo this week and therefore am digging the hauntingly melancholy eerie sound to the tracks.  It’s Calibre so the production is always good, I just don’t know if I would actually play them out.

Today’s Oldie: Ellis DeeLockdown – Collusion Records 1995  Man, I don’t know what to say about this record. I loved it! It came out during this time period where I just wanted to hear random rap samples and rolling basslines. Do it well enough and I thought you were God. I would just stand in front of the speaker at raves and dance to this track like a maniac. This for sure was a party tune.


I’m really starting to love the Influenza Media Podcasts!

StanzaInfluenza Media Podcast


Redeyes – Pusherman – Bingo
Stanza & Sconeboy – Fortune 45 – Influenza
Mutt – Hot Lick Squeeze – Creative Source
Commix – How You Gonna Feel – Metalheadz
Physics – Dreamworld – D Bridge Rmx – Blindside
Insiders – Renaissance –
Stanza – Casa Bordoy – Dub
Heist – Pum Pum Stabber – grid
Paul SG, Eros & Atmospherix – Green & Blue – Dub
Mood 2 Swing – I’ve Got love – Logistics Rmx – Bingo
Stanza – Requestion – Influenza
Artificial Intelligence – Desperado – V Recordings
Will Miles – Pull Me Downs – Dub
>> D Bridge – Freedom Club – Exit
Alix Perez & Lynx – Randy – Soul:R
Stanza – Lost Out – Dub
Visionary – Ruling Sound – Digital Soundboy
Bungle ft Darrison – Just A Little Bit Closer – C.I.A.
Matrix & Futurebound – Skyscraper – Metro:Viper
Nu:Logic – Trademark – Hospital
Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes – Drum & Bass Rmx
Calibre – Why Time – Signature
D.Kay – It’s On The Way – Soul:R
System- Mystic Relaxation – Mac 2
Dr Dre – Xxplosive – Aftermath
Stanza & Sconeboy – Find Yourself – Influenza

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