Scary Kiki

Happy Halloween!

My friends Ron & Rocko are having a Halloween party and everyone’s dressing up so I guess I will have to also.  Being a British kid there really wasn’t any trick or treating and dressing up going on so adopting this habit so late in life seems so silly but whatever.  I will find the cheapest accessories possible and be dressed up.  No one likes to be the only one not dressed up do they?

I used to have a ridiculous obsession with all types of sweets.  I would eat them constantly instead of real food but now that I’m health conscious and whatever I pretty much don’t indulge in them too much.  The only sweet I really can’t give up is ice cream and even that I have given in and buy the low fat no sugar kind… yep I’m boring.  Today though, in honour of all trick or treaters everywhere I will be stuffing my face with copious amounts of sugar. 😉

Hot Tunes:

Magical Gravity feat. Adam Noid – Singular Joy (track is in the player)  Heard this one on Stunna’s show the other day.

Today’s Oldie:  Marcus Intalex & ST FilesHow You Make Me Feel31 Records 1999 This track is so lovely.  I still play it quite frequently.  Great vocal.  Lovely flow to the bassline.  One of my Marcus Intalex faves for sure.

I post these Format mixes a lot cuz they are really good to listen to.  Nice track selection and all in all just good dnb.

Format Next Level Show 95BFM 10/25/08


01.  Mistical – Inside My Head [SOUL:R]
02.  S.P.Y – Seeing Through Shadows [ADVANCED]
03.  Calibre – Electric Soul [SIGNATURE]
04.  Switch – Still Waters [LUCKY DEVIL]
05.  Tokyo Prose – Bitter Sweet [N/A]
06.  Eveson – Be With You [SGN:LTD]
07.  Concept And Shneck – Bedford Ave [WESTBAY INTERNATIONAL]
08.  Brookes Brothers & Culture Shock – Rework [RAM]
09.  Nu:Tone – Balaclava [HOSPITAL]
10.  Icicle And Nymfo – Adrift [CRUNCH]
11.  Lynx – Break The Mod [SOUL:R]
12.  Spinline – Cold Feet [SOM]
13.  Spectrasoul – Peninsula [SHOGUN]
14.  Tiki – Always On My Mind (Mosus And Zero T Remix) [LIQUID V]
15.  Calibre – Hi Note [SIGNATURE]
16.  Commix – Bear Music [HOSPITAL]
17.  Enei – The Truth And Lie [BRAND NU]
18.  Konfilct – The Beckoning [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
19.  Cern – Lucid State [CRITICAL]
20.  Noisia – Diplodocus [QUARANTINE]
21.  State Of Mind – Without Light [SOM]
22.  Oak – Nu Sunrise [BRAND NU]
23.  Marcus Intalex – Skizm [SOUL:R]
24.  Zyon Base – The Wire [LUCKY DEVIL]
25.  Tokyo Prose – Curious Thought [N/A]
26.  Commix – Rack It [HOSPITAL]
27.  Radiohead – Idioteque (??? Remix) [N/A]

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