Dear Kiki…

Before I had this blog I had a livejournal account. I actually still have it. I just don’t really write in it. I’ve had it for 7 years. The reason I stopped writing in it was because I found that I wrote way too much detail in it. Yikes. I mean if you want to know what was going on with me for the past 7 years just read that shit. LOL. It was definitely more of a Dear Diary… style than this blog. I actually quite fond of this blog that I have now. I talk a lot and need to get my thoughts out some way or another so I like that I babble about myself for a paragraph or so and then talk about drum n bass. Before I was just talking about myself for pages and pages and trust me, as crazy as I am no one really cares that much about my life and a paragraph of details is just enough. 🙂

Had a nice weekend. Juju’s bbq was fun. Rocko & Ron’s party was cool. Pretty chill weekend.


Tyler Straub – Walk With You (track is in the player)

Spectrasoul – Peninsula (track is in the player)

Kubiks & LomaxDeep Dune (Blu Mar Ten Remix)

Today’s Oldie:
Artificial IntelligenceDesperadoV Recordings 2005 Oh man. I was such an A.I. junkie. I would anxiously awaiting there releases. Me and my fellow chitown buddy Dj Ciro had our own A.I. gang. We would both gush about how great they were whenever we saw each other. LOL. They have so many awesome releases. Great liquid anthems. This one is just fire.

Magical Gravity was kind enough to give me the link to a mix to post.


Magical Gravity & G-FunkGroovy Sessions


01. Atlantic Connection – Echo Park |Influenza Media|
02. Split Second – Tequila Sunset |Liqweed Ganja|
03. Camo and Subz feat. Jett – While The Sun Shines |Bios| (loves it!)
04. Danoo – Possibilities |Sole|
05. 2DB – Starsign |Worldwide Audio|
06. Logistics – Cosmonaut |Hospital|
07. Camo – So High |Load|
08. Bionic1 – Frozen Liquid |Bios|
09. Contour – Now Or Never |Intrinsic|
10. Greg Packer – Get Away |Interphase|
11. Magical Gravity and Adam Noid – Singular Joy |Dub|
12. Shinichi Owasa – Starguitar (Brookes Brothers remix) |Data|
13. Camo – Too Close |Load|
14. Inhaler feat. Christian Burns – Something About You (J.Majik and Wickaman remix) |Data|
15. Contour – Angels In Shadows |Intrinsic|

2 thoughts on “Dear Kiki…

  1. Us mere mortals have to suffer at the hands of other websites for track titles. Beatport is selling the tune as Deep Dune so that’s where I got the title from. Thanks for the correction. 🙂

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