Viva Me-hi-co!

I leave for Mexico today. I checked the forecast and it’s pretty much going to be 90 degrees the entire time we’re there. Vacay with my friends, best friend’s wedding, sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine. Nice.

I’m a little anxious about not writing in my blog. I know it’s dumb but I’m very OCD when it comes to things like that. I have consistently written in my blog 5 days a week since I started it in May and I hate looking at the calendar to the right and seeing empty spaces. I prolly shouldn’t be divulging my neurotic tendencies to you but I’ve already established that I’m kinda cuckoo so who cares. Anyways, lounging in the sun automatically trumps writing in my blog so I’m sure I’ll get over it.

Be back in business next Friday so brock out til then peeps!

I guess I’m in a vocals mood today. šŸ™‚

Smote – Precious Love (track is in player)

Pouya – Fooled (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Shy FXBambaataEbony Records 1998
1998?? God I’m getting old. I can’t believe this tune is 11 years old. Dope classic. Dancefloor stormer for sure. Doing these oldies every day makes me want to just make old skool mixes all day long. I get all amped up picking out the tunes.

NaibuScribbler Podcast Mix January 2009


01 – Instra:Mental & D Bridge – Translucent (Darkestral)
02 – Tokyo Prose – Royale (??)
03 – Consequence – Lost Attack (??)
04 – Fanu – End Of An Era (Homefree LP – Lightless Recordings)
05 – Seba – 34 Alpha (??)
06 – Naibu – Doubts (??)
07 – Electrosoul System & Sunchase – Alluvion (Camino Blue)
08 – System – The Divers Dream (Warm Communications)
09 – Mayhem – Shibuya (Shadow Law)
10 – Spinline – Skywalk (??)
11 – Fierce & C4C – Carrier (Quarantine)
12 – Chris Inperspective – Heather’s Hot Waffles (Exit)
13 – Matrix, Fierce & Rymetyme – Light Sleeper (C4C records)
14 – Physics – Lifeline (Vampire)
15 – Insight – Transmission (Digital Soundboy)
16 – Naibu – Crawl Space (Warm Communications)
17 – Seba & Paradox ft. Robert Manos – Last Goodbye 2008 (Paradox Music)
18 – Alaska & Paradox – Etherous (Isolationist LP – Paradox Music)

3 thoughts on “Viva Me-hi-co!

  1. I recall it was the summer of ’98 when everyone was playing Bambatta like 4 times in a row during their sets. That was before the Dillinja remix came out, which of course got even more play…

    Anyway, one night in particular, I saw you and maybe… Andre? DJ at the old Foxfire. You both played Bambatta that night, and I found $20 on the floor. It was a very triumphant night.

  2. Oh Foxfire! Does that place still exist? We must have been the only two dnb peeps playing that night because there is no way you would have only heard that track twice if others were around!

  3. given your love of all things old skool, thought you might appreciate this (if you dont have it already)…. šŸ™‚

    LTJ Bukem – Essential Mix 1995

    1.Architex – Blueprint (Basement)
    2.Funky Technicians – Airtight (Legend)
    3.Fokus – Online (DeeJay)
    4.Q-Project – Instrumental (Looking Good Records)
    5.Aquasky – Dezires (Moving Shadow)
    6.PFM – Mystics (Good Looking Records)
    7.Wax Doctor – Finer Things (R&S)
    8.Ils & Solo – In the Area (Looking Good)
    9.J Majik – Lush Life (Infrared)
    10.Skanna – Find Me (Skanna)
    11.JMJ & Richie – Universal Horn (Moving Shadow)
    12.Carlito – Heaven (Creative Source)
    13.Sentinel – Awakenings (Basement Records)
    14.Oblivion – Sands of Time (Streetbeats)
    15.LTJ Bukem – Horizons (Looking Good Records)
    16.Source Direct – Exit 9 (Source Direct Records)
    17.Photek & Tayla – Soul Searching (Good Looking Records)
    18.PFM – One & Only (Looking Good Records)
    19.DJ Trace – By Any Means Necessary (Dee Jay Recordings)
    20.PFM – Rough With the Smooth

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