Kiki Returns

So I’m back.  Mexico was awesome.  90 degrees everyday.  Some serious lounging.  Loved it!




Soul IntentThe Funky Creeper (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
DBridge & VegasTrue RomanceMetalheadz 2004
Not that old but utterly brilliant.  Love this tune.  You can get some serious headnodding going to this one.

Ooh I’m excited to listen to this Alley Cat.

Alley CatKongkast 77


  1. Blu Mar Ten – Above Words
  2. D Bridge – Wonder Where [EXIT]
  3. ASC – Caesium [VAMPIRE]
  4. Danger Inc – Homework
  5. Alley Cat – Drum’n’Lace
  6. Lynx & Kemo – Dangerous [SOUL:R]
  7. Kiat – Dub Vader
  8. Bal – Marquee Moon [INFLUENCE]
  9. Data – Vice [METALHEADZ]
  10. Blue Mar Ten – If I could Tell You
  11. Soul Intent – Release
  12. Alley Cat – Sweet Spot
  13. Calibre – Ringtone [SAMURAI]
  14. Sato – Scorched
  15. Instra:mental & D Bridge – Translucent [DARKESTRAL]
  16. Dan Habernam – The Flower [PLAY:MUSIK]
  17. Naibu – Newport [SOUL:R]

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