I’m definitely going to have to take some sort of warm holiday every winter now.  It revamps your attitude about the winter for sure.  I’m feeling pretty good, had a nice 3 day weekend.  Looking forward to some events this week.  Should be fun.

Dj Clart – Brick City (track is in player)

Klute – 174 BPM (track is in player)
Lovin this one!!

Today’s Oldie:
TekniqA New DawnFormation Records 1994
Some serious oldie business!  Dope.

Marcus IntalexSoulution Radio Feb. 2009


BOP – Song About My Dog – Med School
Atom – Robot Fight – Dub
Lynx – The Semitones – Soulr
ST Files – Crackden – Soulr
Nymfo – Surface Scan – CIA
Spectrasoul – Organiser – Critical
Jynx – Form Is Emptyness – Dub
Heist – Doberman – Dub
Spirit – Spark – Dub
S.P.Y. – Rebirth – Dub
Subterra – Celestial – Dub
Random Movement – Waterlogged – Innerground
Lynx and Kemo Interview & Album Feature:
Lynx and Kemo – Deez Breaks – Soul:R
Lynx and Kemo – The Real Thing ft. Vaceo & Tali – Soul:R
Lynx and Kemo – The Raw Truth – Soul:R
Lynx and Kemo – Dangerous ft. Alix Perez – Soul:R
End Of Interview

Calibre & DRS – Loves Too Tight – Signature
Spectrasoul – Alibi Breal Remix – Critical
Alix Perez & Icicle – Caution – Subtitiles
Blocks & Escher – Miller – Dub
The Upbeats – Bury Your Head – Soulr
Commix – Untitled – Dub
EQD 002 B – Untitled – Equalized

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