Chronic Kiki

It’s Dr. Dre’s bday today. So what you say? LOL. My best friend and his friends used to do this graffiti magazine called Life Sucks Die. They would frequently have random articles, crossword puzzles etc. that discussed the awesomeness that is Dr. Dre. It was pretty funny. Seven years ago they decide they would have a party on his bday. The idea itself is pretty dope. They had The Chronic cut outs that you could put your face in and take pics, they had 40s for everyone to drink  and also did a $20 sack pyramid game show. The party became such a hit that they started doing it every year. Last year Dre actually knew about the party cuz Arabian Prince played the 2008 installment and told him about it. Now Burlesque Design decided to branch out and have Dre Day parties all over. This year they are doing one in Chicago too. I think that if you aren’t familiar with these Minneapolis dudes the idea itself seems pretty nutso but it’s awesome. I don’t mean to be a skeptic but I don’t know if the Chicago one can live up to the caliber that is the Minneapolis legacy. I’m going anyways just for the hell of it. Should be fun. Happy Bday Dr. Dre. 🙂

Back to dnb world.

The Square – You & Me (track is in player)
I like this one alot.

Edward Oberon & Paul T – What Do I Do (track is in Paul T player)

Today’s Oldie:
SwooshYa Rockin’Back 2 Basics Records 1997
Loves the O’ Jays sample. Dope.

Dj PreshaSamurai Music Show Bassdrive 02/17/09


01. Data – Kyushojutsu
02. SuMone – Hell Is [PLANET MU]
03. Insight – In From The Cold
04. Spirit – Eastern Promises
05. Luca – Speak Easy [RED SEAL]
06. Linyus & Subsid – Spiritual Peace
07. Survival – 5 Feelings Gone [EXIT]
08. Dan Marshall & Random Movement – Current Situation
09. Trei & Teknik – Sleepless
10. Dose – Nicotine Dream
11. Spectrasoul – Organiser [CRITICAL]
12. Cern – Down And Out [ICARUS]
13. Data – Reconnaisance
14. Sinistarr – Jit Tune
15. June Miller – Converge
16. Spectrasoul – Alibi (Break Remix) [CRITICAL]
17. Bungle – The Need Of Being Alone [SOUL:R]
18. Tokyo Prose – Debonair
19. Orange – Pardon Me
20. Dan Marshall & Undersound – Someday
21. Atlantic Connection – Skeleton Man [SOUL:R]
22. Edward Oberon – Noir
23. Calibre – Two Drop [CIA DEEP KUT]
24. Sinistarr & Kiat – Black Diamonds
25. Eveson – Natural
26. Calibre – Jungle One
27. Eveson – Dead Mans Chest
28. Dom & Roland – Funkunt [DRP]
29. June Miller & Nymfo – Automatic Reply
30. Jubei & Cern – ?
31. Cern & Tokyo Prose – Cartel
32. Stunna – Back In Time


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