Daylight Kiki

I’ve been up for a while. The daylight savings is totally messing with me but I’m not having the same problem others are probably having. I’m just up even earlier so I just hang out for even longer in the morning than usual. Not cool.

Paul B – Have No Fear (track is in player)
I’m liking this Paul B. It has this nice cadence to it. Kinda like Marcus Intalex’s and ST Files’ How you Make Me Feel.

Today’s Oldie:
Shimon & Andy CNight FlightRam Records 1996
I remember I wasn’t really that into this track when it came out. It was ok but I didn’t think it was spectacular. It was another one of those tunes that dominated the tape packs. Listening to it today though I kinda like how simple it is.

ImplexDrum & Bass Ru Podcast 16
I really liked the last Implex mix I heard so I doubt this one will disappoint.


  1. Big Bud – Blu 4 U
  2. Naibu – Fireflies
  3. Solarcube – Afternight (Tactile Remix)
  4. Calibre ft DRS – Be There
  5. NotioN – You’re Always Around
  6. Specific – Tell Me (Zero T Remix)
  7. Bungle – Close Your Eyes
  8. Lenzman ft Cliff – Lose You
  9. Syncopix – Smile
  10. Nu.Clear – De Madrugada
  11. Dub Tao – Ready Done
  12. Naibu – Wornout
  13. Derrick & Nevidomy – Stefa
  14. PBK – Earthbound (Implex & Enei Remix)
  15. A-Sides & Deeizm – Just Be
  16. Cutworks – Middle Prospect (Spherique Remix)
  17. Derrick & Tonika – Creme Brulee
  18. Zero T ft Steo – Refusal (Calibre Remix)
  19. Electrosoul System – Attention

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