Low Key Kiki

Work is actually pretty busy this week.  Not much to report.  I feel like my past couple of weeks have been kinda rowdy so maybe it is time to just wind down and act normal.

Sable Gray – Pale Shelter (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
RemarcIn Da HoodSuburban Base Records 1996
I love the sound of jungle oldies.  It automatically makes me think of doing the ravey jungle skank where you just rock from side to side and boys do the same while pointing imaginary guns in the air… LOL.  True old skool style.

Kasra Critical Music Podcast #2

Sabre Feat Tuere – Original Sin – Critical
Rockwell – Tribes – Critical
Alix Perez & Kemo – Im Free – Shogun
Ramadanman – Untitled – Critical
Commix Breaking Through – 31
Spectrasoul – Guardian – Metalheadz
Jubei & Tyrone – Junk Yard – Critical
Nymfo – Wall Movement – Dub
Spectrasoul – Organiser – Critical
Ulterior Motive & Judda – Infrasonic – Subtitles
Break – Isis – Symmetry
Serum & Vapour – True Calling – Critical
Spectrasoul – Mimic – Subtitles
June Miller – Strongarm – Dub
Proxima – You Aint Ready- Shogun
Universal Project & Vicious Circle – Gumball Rally – Universal Circle
Silent Witness – Hinterland – Critical

One thought on “Low Key Kiki

  1. nice… this makes me really happy 🙂 thank you KiKi… been lost and listening to my headphones since 1992… this is where i wanted it to go back then! keep the faith Kiki 🙂

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