Old Lady Kiki

I keep trying to come up with more ways to say that I’m geriatric.  There’s not really that many ways!  My weekend was filled with good food, good friends and lot of napping/lazing around the apartment.

Friday I went to lunch with Jesus and Shannon at this really cute place in Lincoln Square.  Really good food.  Friday night… I really did have good intentions.   I was going to gallivant across town and once my eyes started closing I admitted defeat and told my friends I would be staying home.  I think my disappointment is not actually with becoming geriatric, it’s the lack of disappointment with the transformation.  LOL.  I don’t mind staying home!  If you told me all I could do for the rest of my life starting today was to be surrounded by the company of my friends and eat amazing meals I wouldn’t even care.  I guess I didn’t think I would be hanging up my hat at 33.  And yes I’m aware that my bday is still 4 weeks away but I’m already 33 as far as I’m concerned.

I could continue with the rest of the weekend but it’s kind of the same deal so I’ll just do a quick summary.  Saturday, brunch with Ron and Rocko, loads of yummy breakfast items, good company, Small Bar with my dnb peeps, good beer, kicking it with Melissa.  Sunday, I stuffed my face at Daniela’s parents’ house to the point of feeling sick.  I couldn’t help it.  It was just too yummy.

Anyways, here we are, it’s Monday and surprisingly it seemed like everyone did most of their bbqing over the weekend.  The highlight of my Monday is Pipeline coming to fix my laptop keyboard so I don’t have to use the external one anymore.  Woot.  Hopefully all you people that actually work will enjoy your day off. 😉

Ed OberonChange Everything

Today’s Oldie:
Total ScienceTaxman (Spirit Remix) – Advanced Recordings 2002
This is one of my fave records.  Really good remix.  Total party tune.  ❤

Doddi always finds the good ones.  I’m a new Quantrek fan.  Looking forward to the mix.
QuantrekFuzed Funk Podcast #19


01.Dave Owen & DJ Clart – No Diggity (Unsigned)
02.Lenzman & Redeyes – High & Low (Integral dub)
03.Drumlinezz – Quantum Soul Expression (Good Looking dub)
04.Simplification – Out Of Time (Promo Audio Liquid dub)
05.ATP – Tomfoolery (Unsigned)
06.Stanza – Wheelers Lane (Unsigned)
07.Donnie Dubson – Grapefruit (Influenza Media dub)
08.Side1 & Philly Pee – Never Gonna Let You Go (White)
09.Bungle & Human Factor – Finally (Sunrize dub)
10.Command Strange – Just Because (Unsigned)
11.Quantrek – Sugar Soul (Unsigned)

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