Back 2 School Kiki

On the way back from the gym this a.m. I saw all the little kiddies with their parents waiting for the school doors to open.  It seems so early to be getting taught anything but I guess I haven’t been in school for a while so that’s why it seems ridiculous to have to pay attention to anyone talking to me at 7:30 a.m.  I actually am one of those people that really likes school.  If I could sort it out I would definitely go back and get my masters.

Did you guys listen to that Stanza mix I posted?  I’ve been listening to it for the past couple of days.  Good ish.  It’s been on steady treadmill rotation.  Woot.

Big Bud -Kupus U Uglu (track is in the player)
Lovin this one.

Will Miles – Tuesday (track is in player)
Love this one too. I really dig the melody. You could get a serious head nod going  to it, kinda like in About A Boy when the main character Marcus closes his eyes when he’s singing and Hugh Grant gets annoyed.  😉   I could imagine myself lying on a blanket in the park reading a book with this as my soundtrack. Why do all of my images consist of me daydreaming lazily??? LOL.

Today’s Oldie:
Prisoners of TechnologyDelikutt BeatsFresh Kutt 1997
I had a loud jump up mixing party by myself yesterday so I figured this oldie would be appropriate.  Mixing jump up records for hours on end definitely puts you in a ravey mood. 🙂

Blu Mar TenDrum & Bass Mix September 2009


01. D Bridge – Love’s Ugly Child
02. Kharm – Wolf Jacket
03. Circa – Ida
04. Blu Mar Ten – Above Words
05. Logistics – Murderation
06. Stray – Talking About Nothing
07. Sinistarr & Kiat – Black Diamonds
08. Tidal – So Sexy
09. Crisis – Twilight Bongos
10. Stray – Saturday
11. High Speed Dubbing – AMC
12. Blu Mar Ten – Overwhelm
13. Mr Sizef – Seven Tones Of Romantic
14. Kharm – Meridian
15. Mr Sizef – Our Most Sincere Feeling
16. Sunchase – Varka
17. Blu Mar Ten – Grey Area
18. Blu Mar Ten – She Moves Through (ASC remix)
19. So;Flow – Long Way Over
20. Vaccine – Radiate (170 edit)
21. Blu Mar Ten – Last Dance


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