Popstar Kiki

Shit.  Unemployment is finally getting to me.  I need to get out of my house.  Lame.  Even writing about it gets me annoyed so this rant will have to end here.

I can’t stop listening to that Giant – Drumstick VIP track. Such a party wobble track.  ❤   I know I’m late on it but you know I don’t really keep up with dubstep as much as I do dnb.  That Emalkay mix is still on repeat in my car.  Loves it.  Did you know that Enei is part of Giant?  I didn’t.

I’ve been listening to everything.  Dnb, dubstep, pop, rap, whatever switches up the tempo to my boring day.  I’m currently listening to Cheryl Cole as i type this.  Yes I’m aware that i should prolly keep that piece of info to myself but I’ll never deny my love for pop music.  NEVAAAHHH. Mwahahaha.  I still even have my Bros album on vinyl.  Gimme me a break, I grew up in London, I will listen to pop music for the rest of my life.  Girls Aloud what what! 😉

Jubei & Phobia – Cooper’s Dream (track is in both players)

Alix Perez feat. Peven Everett and SpectrasoulForsaken
I’m still listening to the Alix Perez album 1984.  So awesome.  I can’t get this track out of my head.  It’s a Chicago vocalist on the track.  Woot.  Big up Peven.

The Upbeats feat. Kemo – Carousel (track is in both players)

Today’s Oldie:
Wax DoctorKid CappriceMetalheadz 1994

Dj PreshaSamurai Music Bassdrive Show November 09


Joe Syntax – In Lifeforce
Abstract Elements – Abysmal Depth – Exit
Consequence – Long Lies – Exit
Omar Feat Estelle – Lay It Down / Triad Remix (Instrumental) – Phunk Fiction
Atom – Untitled – Prestige Music
Felix K – Recognition – 31 Records
Spinline – Jetpack – ???
Calibre – Thrust – ??
M.I.S.T. – Entropy – Soul:R
D Bridge – 5th Floor – Exit
Calibre – Easy Glide – ??
Calibre – Rose – ??
Sabre – Marvel – Critical
Commix – Justified (Spectrasoul Remix) – Metalheadz
Break – Late Drop – Critical
Break – Crunchy – Critical
Icicle – Cold Fear – Shogun Audio
Nymfo & Cern – Proton Pack – ??
Calibre – Dont Want Your Love – ??
Luca – Canal City – ??
ASC – After Hours – ??
Spinline – Drop Out – ??
Sabre & Ulterior Motive – Barefoot – Critical
Dom & Roland – Odd Job – DRP
System – Voices – Exit
Breakage – Foundation – Digital Soundboy
BTK – Things I Do – Hardware
Sato – Turning Point – Ingredients
d Bridge & Instra:Mental – Detroid – NonPlus+
Icicle – Cause – Shogun Audio
Calibre – In A Dream – ??


3 thoughts on “Popstar Kiki

  1. kiki, im following your blog from a long time ago but i have never commeted yet…

    i just cant get out of my head the alix perez track, ‘forsaken’, so damn good…

    everything on that track is just pure perfection.

    congratulations about the blog, you have made us find some real gems out there while reading your everyday adventures. its cool to find and contact people with that passion for music.


    • hey jones! glad you like the blog. i agree about forsaken. there’s something really all around haunting about how pretty that track is. 🙂

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