2023 & Kiki

Happy New Year!

I made it back from Sierra Leone in one piece.

I had a really lovely holiday. All the events I went for were super enjoyable.

My mum’s house is massive and looks fantastic. They really did a great job.

I enjoyed being around my family and am definitely looking forward to going back.

Here’s me, my mum and some aunties in one of the many ashobi I accrued during the trip.

I went to visit my dad. I don’t have the words at the moment to describe how it made me feel. Grief continues to be an emotion I have no clue how to navigate. I seem to unlock a new approach daily that helps me trudge along and make it through the day. I am extremely grateful I got to go.

Jet lag has been a bitch. I thought it would be gone by now.

Listening to Visages and cleaning my room. Been wanting this one for a while. So so good. 🥰


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