Locus & Kiki

Hi hi hi hi hi! I’ve been trying to update for a month. I hate it when people make being busy their personality trait, but for realz I’ve been swamped!

This is my last semester of this second masters. I’ll be done in May. Even though it’s been running me ragged, I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve learned so much and the program really has been wonderful. Great instructors and excellent guidance throughout. I’m working on my thesis and final instructional product. I complain about this often, but I really would love an extra 3 hours in the day. It would make my life so much easier!

A lot happening with my dad’s estate… still. That’s all I’ll say for now. There are so many good tunes to discuss, I don’t want to make this post too depressing.💕

The best news to report – I’m going to Tulum for the Locus event!! I can’t remember if I posted about it before or not.

A little backstory. I’ve been trying to go to Sun and Bass forever, and I do mean forever. I met Stefano back in like 2006 or so when he was in Illinois for a work training. He was stuck out in the middle of nowhere, so A-Sides hit me up and was like – Yo rescue him! LOL. Me and Stunna showed him a good time over that weekend and he was like “Come to this event I do in Sardinia!” and I was like “I’m coming!!!” — I never went. 😂

Stunna went though, and like everyone who goes, talked about how amazing it is and how I have to go. I’ve enviously streamed the mixes and scrolled through everyone’s pics every year. As much of a dnb fan as I am, I just can’t drop that much money on a dnb holiday. From this side of the pond, it’s pretty pricey and I travel enough to know how the dollars start racking up. With flight, accommodations and spending money, it’s just never been feasible for me.

The idea of enjoying my fave music in a beautiful location and having a proper hols at the same time gets more and more enticing as I age. I loved deejaying when I did it, but it honestly was never a huge aspiration of mine. I fell into it, enjoyed it while I did it and kept it moving. Through and through, I’ve always just been a massive fan of the music and just want to listen, dance and feel the bass in my chest.

Anyway, last year Submorphics told me about some event they were doing in Tulum. He was playing. It sounded like fun, but was too short notice for me to sort myself out. I’ve been to Tulum before and really loved it. So I promised myself, if they did it again the next year, I would most def go.

I made this plan for myself. It wasn’t a secret or anything, I just didn’t advertise it since I didn’t care if anyone I knew was going or not. It’s a graduation present from me to me. Then everything started to unfold serendipitously. My friend Alley Cat is playing. My old dnb homies from Chicago, Dan and Lisa, are going. A bunch of other people I know are going too. I’m excited!

It’s going to be an enjoyable event. I am so burnt out from work and school. The break can’t come soon enough!

This post is entirely too long. I’ll write a couple more.


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