Boo Snow

So much for nice weather.  It was a tease.  I seriously have the winter blues.  I need sun STAT!

Paul SG feat BladeMiss Patterson

Today’s Oldie:
KluteSurvivalCertificate 18 Records 1995

Dj PreshaSamurai Music Radio Bassdrive February 2010


Eveson – A Broken Soul – ??
Pearson Sound – Higher – Darkestral Excursions
Jubei – The Take – ??
Atom – Everything – ??
Hybris – The Cleaner – Critical
Klute – Def Yewie – Music For Prophet Lp
Nymfo – Invisible Heating – ?
Total Science – Skinz – Shogun Audio
Calibre – Thirst Dub – ??
Switch – Lightworks – ??
Calibre & St Files – Devil Inside – Footprints
Nymfo And Cern – ??
Klute – Strange Dinner – Music For Prophet Lp
Insight – Dread America – Commercial Suicide
S.P.Y. – Legacy – Innerground
Nymfo – Energy Source – Som Music
Klute – Black Pony – Music For Prophet Lp
Outfit – New York City Vip – ?
Escher – Cymbal Runner – ??
Ulterior Motive & Fd – Dol – ??
Klute – Knowing How To Get There – Music For Prophet
Insight – Alien Nation – ??
Skeptical – Cold One – Ingredients
Spinline – Radioactive – Shogun Limited
Bop – Tears Of A Metaphysician (Lynx & Hellrazor Remix) – Med School
Jubei – See Through You – ??
Need For Mirrors – Swallow – ??
Mindscape – Vibrations – Commercial Suicide
Dom & Roland – Aliens – ?

Au Revoir 2009

I’m making an executive decision and doing my end of year top tracks today.  I’m going to Philly today and then I’m not taking my laptop with me to NY tomorrow so that really leaves me no time to write.

Here is my repeat of end of year disclaimers…

My list is always going to be kinda bogus.  LOL.  The tunes I blogged about towards the end of the year are still fresh in my mind and therefore get more attention than the ones I blogged about back in the beginning of the year cuz I’m not sick of hearing them yet.  The list is in no particular order.  I have been told that I have strange taste in some dnb track so my list means absolutely nothing.  It’s just a compilation of songs that I personally liked over 2009.  We also must take into account that the latter half of the year I wasn’t as diligent about writing tracks down due to the loss of my job so I’m not as up on new tunes as I used to be.  This list is just of tracks that I would have been happy to keep on my ipod for the past 365 days.

End of disclaimer. 😉

I mulled over my list for ages.  I started out with 70 tracks and could only cut it down to 30 this year.  LOL.  I really tried to narrow it to at least 20 but I really like all the tracks on the list, so 30 it is.  Eek.  This will be a long post. 🙂

Kiki’s Top 30

01. Utah JazzSurvival of the Fittest

02. Atlantic Connection & Grimm – Better Man (track is in Grimm player)

03. Alix Perez feat. Spectrasoul & Peven EverettForsaken

04. Klute – 174bpm (track is in player)

05. Random MovementWaterlogged

06. Total ScienceSoul Patrol (Lenzman Remix)

07. Beatchemist – This Close (track is in player)

08. Stunna – Generation Gap (sorry no sample :()

09. Dave Owen – Sending My Love (sorry no sample :()

10. Bal – Red River Valley (track is in player)

11. DBridgeWonder Where

12. NaibuTigresse (track is in Fokuz Recordings player)

13. Marcus IntalexAirbourne

14. A.I.Blind Eye

15. Quantrek & Heavy 1Independent (track is in Quantrek player)

16. BCeeGlitter Balls

17. SpectrasoulIn Profile

18. LogisticsJungle Music

19. CalibreLazy Rock

20. Mikal – Just Disappears (track is in player)

21. Jubei – Outcast (track is in player)

22. Metrik – Time to Change (track is in player)

23. CalibreRingtone

24. Kjell – Lincoln Place (track is in player)

25. CalibreTru Beat


27. dRamatic & dbAudio – Neyo Remix (track is in dbAudio player)

28. Mr. SizefGarmoniya Mirov

29. Stanza & GrimmBy My Side

30. CalibreLove’s Too Tight to Mention

Happy New Year!

Busy Busy Kiki

I am still amazed by how busy I am for being an unemployed person.  I guess I always imagined unemployment to be a period of time where you didn’t do anything but sit on the couch and watch telly.  I guess it really is what you make of it.  Today is chockablock full for me.  If you are in Chi go see Klute at Lava tonight.  Lots of buddies playing, Lamebrane, Stunna, Submorphics and Subverb.  Should be a good night.  Also listen to that Zero T Fabric Live Promo mix, it’s dope. 🙂

Alix Perez feat. Foreign BeggarsThe Cut Deepens
This track is diiiirrrrty.  Love it.  I’m actually digging Alix’s whole 1984 LP, cd and vinyl.  Nice one.

Today’s Oldie:
The StreetsIt’s too Late (High Contrast Remix) – Bootleg 2004
One of my favourite Streets songs.  Love this remix.

Dj PreshaSamurai Music Radio Bassdrive 09/21/09


??? – no answers – ???
alix perez – 1984 – shogun audio
consequence – 11 circles – exit
tokyo prose – bankrobber dub – ??
??- ??
alix perez feat spectrasoul & peven everett – forsaken – shogun audio
marcus intalex – airbourne – soul:r
tokyo prose – all you want – samurai red seal
eveson – hear no evil
calibre feat lariman – tru beat – critical
alix perez – fade away – shogun audio
alix perez – contradictions – shogun audio
total science – trespass – cia
survival – ?? – dispatch
sabre – leaf – critical
s.p.y. – dark age – c.i.a.
soul intent – cowboy town – ??
spectrasoul – adoration vip – ??
eveson – numbers – ??
alix perez – myriads – shogun audio
fortran – the end part 2 – 31records
s.p.y. feat riya – loneliness – c.i.a.
digital & outrage – sensor – function
alix perez & zero t – suffer in silence – shogun audio
?? – ??
spectrasoul – 4 points – metalheadz
noisia & phace – floating zero – vision
lenzman feat jo s – no coincidence – metalheadz
trei – innuendo – samurai music
alix perez feat foreign beggars – the cut deepens – shogun audio

Brown Leaves Kiki

Wait… there’s no brown leaves on my street.  LOL.  Fall is here.  I kinda miss having a back garden sometimes.  It’s nice to witness that part of the change of the seasons.  I definitely don’t miss having to rake them up though.

This weekend was definitely the rowdiest I’ve gotten in a while… and when I say rowdy I don’t mean I got wasted and out of control cuz i don’t do that anymore.  I just stayed out real late and danced.  Geez, I’m obviously a geriatric when staying out late and dancing equals rowdiness.  😉  The Skream show was really fun.  Murderbot’s set was ridiculously awesome.  I really enjoyed it.

Klute is this week.  I always look forward to a Klute set.  He is just a really good dj.  Can’t ask for more than that.

A Sides – Butterflies MJ Tribute (track is in player)
This track is lovely.  So pretty.  Perfect tribute track.  Nice one A Sides!

Today’s Oldie:
DkaySerenadeBrigand Music 2005
Not that old, but still a dope tune.

Zero T is another person where I just like listening to his mixes.  Haven’t listened to this one yet but I’m sure it won’t disappoint.  I’m downloading it now. 🙂
Zero TFabric Live Promo Mix


01. Zero T – Cheap Intro (CIA)
02. Rasheed – Charade [Grooverider Remix] (White)
03. Alix Perez v Zero T – The Ladders (White)
04. Calibre + ST:Files – Devil Inside (White)
05. Ulterior Motive – Glued (White)
06. Spectrasoul – Guardian (Metalheadz Dub)
07. All Thieves – Stars [Zero T Remix] (White)
08. Rockwell v Zero T – Bone Structure (White)
09. Slam – Positive Education [Zero T Remix] (White)
10. Alix Perez – Myriads (Shogun Dub)
11. Halogenix – 5 By-Dub (White)
12. Shanie – What Way To Turn [Dillinja Remix] (Cyba)
13. Zero T + Bailey – Wasp Factory (White)
14. Spectrasoul – Mimic (Subtitles Dub)
15. Raiden + Khanage – King Stays King (Offkey Dub)
16. Optical – Slip Thru (Virus)
17. Derrick May – Strings Of Life [Remix] (White)
18. Dwele – I Think I Love You [Remix] (White)
19. Goldie – True Strings (Metalheadz)
20. Floating Points – K+G Beat (White)
21. Sabre + Alix Perez – Have It Your Way (Critica Dub)
22. Unit Souled – Missing Time ‘jam session’ (White)


I’m definitely going to have to take some sort of warm holiday every winter now.  It revamps your attitude about the winter for sure.  I’m feeling pretty good, had a nice 3 day weekend.  Looking forward to some events this week.  Should be fun.

Dj Clart – Brick City (track is in player)

Klute – 174 BPM (track is in player)
Lovin this one!!

Today’s Oldie:
TekniqA New DawnFormation Records 1994
Some serious oldie business!  Dope.

Marcus IntalexSoulution Radio Feb. 2009


BOP – Song About My Dog – Med School
Atom – Robot Fight – Dub
Lynx – The Semitones – Soulr
ST Files – Crackden – Soulr
Nymfo – Surface Scan – CIA
Spectrasoul – Organiser – Critical
Jynx – Form Is Emptyness – Dub
Heist – Doberman – Dub
Spirit – Spark – Dub
S.P.Y. – Rebirth – Dub
Subterra – Celestial – Dub
Random Movement – Waterlogged – Innerground
Lynx and Kemo Interview & Album Feature:
Lynx and Kemo – Deez Breaks – Soul:R
Lynx and Kemo – The Real Thing ft. Vaceo & Tali – Soul:R
Lynx and Kemo – The Raw Truth – Soul:R
Lynx and Kemo – Dangerous ft. Alix Perez – Soul:R
End Of Interview

Calibre & DRS – Loves Too Tight – Signature
Spectrasoul – Alibi Breal Remix – Critical
Alix Perez & Icicle – Caution – Subtitiles
Blocks & Escher – Miller – Dub
The Upbeats – Bury Your Head – Soulr
Commix – Untitled – Dub
EQD 002 B – Untitled – Equalized

Early Bird

I came into work hella early today, 7a.m.. I just wanted to get my shit started early. Also that means I get to leave early which is definitely win.


Klute Ashram

Today’s Oldie:
Jagged Edge aka Ryme Tyme & OpticalRockbaby V Recordings 1999 Today’s oldie goes out to Daniela. This is one of her favourite tracks. 🙂 I remember when V was my go to label. This track was from their gold medal era. Hot ish.

Zero TD&BTV Live #29

No tracklist.

I’ve been listening to this mix all day. It’s dope. 🙂

Bad Kiki

So I’m a bad dnb girl.  I didn’t exactly make it out to the last Dynamite.  Word on the street is Klute rocked the house.  I had some family stuff so it was a no go.  I’m not gonna sweat it.  Definite signs of becoming a senior citizen are not really feeling like  I missed out when I don’t go to a show.  When I was younger I used to feel like my life was “totally over” if I missed an event.  I of course chalk that up to being an utterly dramatic teenager.  Now I’m just like if I was supposed to be there I would have been.  End of story.  Am I a hater if I say I’m not really too sad about Dynamite?  Probably.  I just have way way more fun at Seminar usually.  As long as they don’t get rid of that I’ll be fine.  *shudder*  If they get rid of Seminar then my life really would be over…  I told you it was fun to be overly dramatic every once in a while. 🙂

I’ve been listening to that Patife mix I posted the other day.  Talk about lovely summer vibes indeed.  If you haven’t listened to it yet you totally should give it a listen.  Lots of outdoor jams on there.  What’s an outdoor jam you ask?  Well any track that makes you wanna lay in the sand and drink colourful drinks with umbrellas in it.  The pic to the right is where I would be drinking these drinks.

I was talking with Stunna this morning and we were talking about our summer anthems.  I don’t feel like there’s any significant major release so far like there usually is every summer but for me I would definitely say mine was Stunna & Tyler Straub’s Weak.  I feel horrible that I don’t have a sample for you but if you do manage to track it down you won’t be disappointed.  SWV dammit!  You can’t go wrong there.  I also really like Tyler Straub’s Easy Does It (the track is in his music player) and a new addition is Skyform’s Hanging (the track is also in the music player).  They just give me the exact vibe that I like to have when it’s nice and sunny out.

Well it’s monday.  I should at least pretend that I’m starting out the week with the mindset of being the perfect employee. 🙂  We’ll see how long that lasts.  I’m already eagerly awaiting the weekend cuz I’m going to see my mum and I haven’t seen her in ages so I’m excited to go kick it with her.  My mum is actually really fun to hang out with so that’s always something to look forward to.

Redeyes mix below.  Yay.


RedeyesLive in Bangkok@ Club Culture (Homebass Communications)

01 Redeyes & Eveson – State Of Mind [Forthcomin Channel 82]
02 Redeyes, Random Movement, Mutt & Mc Mike Romeo – Groove Thing [Poetry In Motion LP]
03 Redeyes – Turn Around [CIA Deepkut]
04 Redeyes & Deeizm – Luv & Haight [Poetry In Motion LP]
05 Redeyes – Hey Lover [Bingo]
06 Redeyes & Sweed – Poetry In Motion [Poetry In Motion LP]
07 Redeyes – Seperate Ways [DUB]
08 Redeyes – Conart [Poetry In Motion LP]
09 Redeyes – Clapslap [CIA Deepkut]
10 Redeyes – Cruise Ship To The Stars [Poetry In Motion LP]
11 Redeyes – Born With A Headache [Forthcomin Brand:Nu]
12 Redeyes – Dusty [Poetry In Motion LP]
13 Redeyes – I Live [Creative Source]
14 Redeyes & Sweed – The Night Is Over [Poetry In Motion LP]
15 Redeyes – Soul Brother [W10]
16 Redeyes – Let It Shine [Poetry In Motion LP]
17 Redeyes – Pusherman (S.P.Y. Vip) [DUB]
*Poetry In Motion LP – Forthcomin Spearhead


I had a pretty nice weekend. I mixed at a bbq. Did a 2 hour 2step/garage set which was super fun. I haven’t played those records in ages.

Why is it July l already? Where is this summer going?

Klute is playing at the last Dynamite this weekend. He is always a treat. He’s an awesome dj.

Picked up my Zero T album the other day. Get yours! – I think I’ve talked about Zero T more than any other person in my blog since I started writing it… He should make me his p.r. person! 😉

My A.D.D is in full effect. I can’t concentrate on anything and I’m procrastinating up the wazoo. I can’t even really concentrate on this post so toodles for now.


L.A.O.S. Live @ Basso FM – July 2008

01. Cyantific – Cover Story [HOSPITAL]
02. Logistics & Nu:Tone – Not The Only One [TANGENT]
03. Blu Mar Ten – Find A Way [DUB]
04. Dan Marshall – Jungle Jazz (D-Kay Remix) [BRIGAND DUB]
05. Redeyes – Battle Of The Royale [SPEARHEAD DUB]
06. Baron – Turn Up The Sun [BREAKBEAT KAOS]
07. Zero T – Cant Stay Away [DUB]
08. Makoto & Deeizm – Monotonik [BINGO]
09. Spectrasoul – Someday Soon [WESTBAY]
10. Mista – Can You Fly [DISPATCH]
11. Danny Byrd – Planet Music VIP [HOSPITAL]
12. Agent Alvin – Wicked Man [VIPER]
13. S.P.Y – Obsession [DUB]
14. L.A.O.S – Rise [DUB]
15. Beyonce – Crazy In Love [BOOTLEG]
16. Yana Kay – Waiting For Your Love (Paul B Tequila With Lime Mix) [STEP 2 ZERO]
17. Ez Rollers – Give It In [INTECOM DUB]
18. Axwell – I Found You (High Contrast Remix) [POSITIVA]
19. Logistics – No Words [HOSPITAL]
20. Nu:Tone & Lynx – East To West [BRAND NU]
21. Logistics – Reality Chekpoint [HOSPITAL]
22. The Architex – Altitude (Blu Mar Ten Remix) [BASEMENT]
23. 4Hero – Look Inside (Nu:Tone Remix) [RAW CANVAS DUB]
24. Resound – Subrukus [DUB]
25. Trisector – Morning Rain [DUB]
26. FX909 – Good Old Days [LIQUID EGO DUB]
27. Rufige Kru – Beachdrifta [METALHEADZ]