I Found Some Hours For You Kiki

It’s funny that after saying that I don’t have enough time to write, I’ve managed to finagle in a couple of hours for the past 3 days.  It’s prolly cuz spring break is next week and I don’t have to frantically prepare for whatever is due next week.  Anyways, I’m definitely not complaining.

Lenzman feat. RiyaMethalheadz Pocast 24 03/13/11


Mutated Forms – Crowlin [METALHEADZ]
Tokyo Prose – Knucklehead [SAMURAI MUSIC]
Donnie Dubson – Rolling Roller [FOKUZ]
FD ft Collette Warren – Want You [N/A]
Random Movement – Believe No Other (Lenzman Remix) [N/A]
Total Science & SPY ft Kevin King – Past Lives [CIA]
Need For Mirrors – Talking Points (Jeep Beats Mix) [N/A]
Dub Phizix – ?
Chase & Status – Take You There (Bootleg Mix) [N/A]
Brother & Squash – Warp Dub [N/A]
Lenzman – Broken Dreams [METALHEADZ]
Subterra – Gutter Mouth [NU DIRECTIONS]
Hazard – Food Fight [PLAYAZ]
Ulterior Motive – Seven Segments [SUBTITLES]
Lenzman – ?
Commix – I Have You [METALHEADZ]
Zero T & Beta 2 – Perseverance [LIQUID V]
Heavy 1 – Xiphactinus (Lenzman Remix) [DEMAND]
Marcus Intalex & SPY – Celestial Navigation [SOUL:R]

Kiki + Summer = <3

So World Cup is over and now I can move on to the rest of my summer.  Pitchfork is this weekend and my friend Andy’s band Why? is playing on saturday so I’m gonna go.  Woot.  Chicago summers are awesome.

Paul SG – Dash Dash (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Alex ReeceFresh JiveMetalheadz 1994

ATPStudio Mix for Breaksblog


01. D.A., Clart and MS Dos (Feat. Greg Diamond) – Disco Infernale (NexGen Records Dub)
02. Command Strange – Vanilla Dream (Fokuz)
03. Vibes – Mystline (Dub)
04. Derick and Tonika – Hi Life (Dub)
05. Native – At my side (Red Mist)
06. Squash and Sensus – Old Piano (Urban Chemistry)
07. Simplification Feat. Miss Drop – Angel (Basswerk)
08. Lenzman Feat. Riya – Open Page (Metalheadz)
09. Broken Drum – Crying Game (Urban Chem Dub)
10. Glen E Ston – Talk To Me (Influenza Minus)
11. Calculon (feat Kelly Dean) – Premonition (Stunna Rmx) (Rubik Dub)
12. Paul SG – Slings and Arrows (Think Deep Records)
13. ATP – Hey There (Dub)
14. Calibre – Don’t want your love (Samurai Records)
15. Mutt (Feat. Kevin King) – Forget (Spearhead)
16. Marky and Random Movement – Gabriel’s Theme (Innerground Dub)
17. A Sides – White Riesling (East Side Records)
18. Phors – Shining Star (Fokuz)
19. ATP and SoulTec – Mr JC (Rubik Dub)
20. Vice Versa – SpaceBridge (Human Elements)
21. Cutworks – Exile (Digital Blus)
22. Random Movement – Lucky Guess (Innerground Dub)
23. SPY – Innersoul (Innerground)
24. 8 Bit – On Your Mind (Digital Soundboy)

Heat Stroke Kiki

This heat is making me feel too lazy to write. I’ll have to get back on track tomorrow. 😉

Total Science feat. Riya – Redlines (track is in both players)

Today’s Oldie:
Asylum feat. MC BassmanDa Bass II DarkMetalheadz 1994

StrayCritical Podcast 8


01. Stray – Timbre VIP – Critical
02. Dub Phizix – Athos – Dub
03. Alix Perez and Zero T – The Ladders – Dub
04. Stray – The Pursuit – Dub
05. Optiv and Bulletproof – Camouflage – 1210 Recs
06. Stray – Fireball – Critical
07. Hybris – The Cleaner – Critical
08. Data – Burning Paradise – Blackout Music
09. Stray – Children – Dub
10. Lenzman – More Than I Can Take – Critical Modulations
11. Rockwell – Reverse Engineering – Darkestral
12. Commix – Japanese Electronics – Instramental Moog Mix – Metalheadz
13. Stray – Pushed – Exit
14. Genotype – On The Inside – Cylon
15. Squarepusher – Plaistow Flex Out – Warp

Summer Lovin Kiki

I’m not gonna act like I’m not excited that I don’t have to work today.  LOL.  The sun is out.  It’s gorgeous.  One of my uncles is here from England and I’m gonna go traipse around the city and enjoy the day.  Woot. 🙂

Brandon Miles – Behemoth (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
J MajikYour SoundMetalheadz 1995

AlegriaFrostbitten Soul Music


1. Glen E Ston & Dave Owen – Dwelling In You [dub]
2. Random Movement – Kids In The Sea [Innerground dub]
3. Rockwell – Stay Calm [Critical]
4. Naibu – Midori Sour [Deep Soul Music]
5. SpectraSoul – Melodies [Exit]
6. Triad – Last Gasp [Deep Soul Music]
7. Bcee – Generations [Spearhead]
8. Arp XP – The Equation [IM:LTD]
9. Glen E Ston – Black On Ice [IM:LTD dub]
10. Mr Distance & Joe Syntax – Void [X-Tinction Agenda dub]
11. Mortem – Whispers [IM:LTD]
12. Zyon Base – City Of The Red Night [Deep Soul Music]
13. Calibre feat. DRS – Love’s Too Tight To Mention [Signature]
14. Lomax – Resist [Soul:r]
15. Naibu – Tigresse [Fokuz]
16. Glen E Ston & Clart – Mysterious Ways [Qilin]
17. Well Being – Without A Doubt [Fokuz]
18. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Follow My Own Path, Dig My Own Grave [Influence dub]
19. Subwave – Moscow Lights [Critical]
20. Calibre – Hypnotise [Soul:r]
21. Paul SG feat. Grimm – Lonely [Jazzsticks]
22. Break – Winter Sun [Shogun]
23. Bcee – Out In The Cold [Influenza]

Wacker & Kiki

The temp job is on Wacker.  That area of downtown is straight up business.  I don’t really frequent that area so it’s easy to forget what it’s like.  LOL.  My temp job rules.  I can wear jeans.  The people are cool.  The office is really nice.  Couldn’t really ask for much more for the next 5 weeks and it only takes me 15 minutes to get there which is even more awesome.  This is definitely the ideal way to ease myself back into the workforce. 😉

BTK – It Gets Rough Sometimes (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Doc ScottIt’s YoursMetalheadz 1994
Awesome classic.

NoisiaTriple J Mix Up 05/08/10
Here’s a little Noisia for you rowdy heads.


1. Noisia – My World Ft Giovanca
2. Icicle – Nowhere
3. Noisia – Deception
4. Noisia & Spor – Falling Through
5. Noisia – Headknot
6. BSE & D Kay – Bullet In The Head (Gridlok Remix)
7. Rockwell feat Zero T – Bone Structure
8. Noisia & Alix Perez – Untitled;
9. Noisia – Hand Gestures Ft Joe Seven
10. Alix & Spectrasoul – Forsaken;
11. Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero
12. Hybris – The Cleaner
13. Teebee – Stolen Documents;
14. Stray – Saturday
15. Alix Perez – The Observer
16. Noisia – Split The Atom
17. Noisia – Alpha Centauri
18. Noisia – Red Heat
19. Noisia – ???
20. Noisia – Machine Gun
21. Noisia & Foreign Beggars – Contact (D&B Mix)
22. ????
23. Noisia – Thursday;
24. Noisia – Sunhammer Ft. Amon Tobin
25. Noisia – Shellshock (Ft. Foreign Beggars)
26. Spor – Kingdom
27. Phace feat Noisia – Untitled [Dub]
28. Noisia – Stigma

Garden State Kiki

Going to New Jersey today for my nephew’s christening.  Will be nice to get out of Chi and hang out with the fam.

Have a good weekend.

Zero T & BaileyWasp Factory (track is in Zero T player)

Hydro – Head First (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Alex ReeceChill PillMetalheads 1995
Alex Reece FTW.

Random Movement Podcast #7


Godfarm & AMCA – Bluetone (Makoto Remix)
Paul SG & Recline – Red Flag Rose
Blue Motion & Grimm – Burning For U
Command Strange – Smiles
Clart – Primo
Submorphics – Step in the Spot (feat. Self Says)
Young Ax – Breakaway
Mutt – Better Living
S.P.Y – System Crash
Zero T & Mosus – Shallow Grave
Jaybee – This Version
S.P.Y – Hot Spot
Hold Tight – Lounge (DC Breaks Remix)
Bassface Sascha – Sweetest Thang
Random Movement – Escape From a Past Life
DJ SS – Black (Bladerunner Remix)
Total Science & S.P.Y – Gangsta
Marky, Makoto & Sonic – Holy Tuesday
Redeyes – Poetry in Motion (Utah Jazz Remix)
Submorphics – Postmodern Sound
Total Science & S.P.Y – Venus Prime
Random Movement & MixMaster Doc – Ruffled Feathers
Exocet – Demon Seed (Insiders Remix)
Netsky – I Refuse (Shock One Remix)
Beta 2 – Cabin Fever
BTK & S.P.Y – Save Me
Need For Mirrors – Swallow (Jeep Beat Mix)
Dr. D – Knowledge
Clart – Hatch
MixMaster Doc – Lingam
Total Science – Trespass
Glen E. Ston – Black On Ice
Dan White – Lookin Good
Paul SG – Can’t Stop Tonight (feat MC Fava)
Mjazzy – Zumbi dos Palmares
Utah Jazz – Comfort Zone
Paul B – Whisper
The Insiders – 9th Avenue
Need For Mirrors – Prism

Kiki Version 2.0

I had a pretty good weekend.  Everything I did turned out to be really fun and you know that doesn’t happen often so I was pleased.

Unemployment has turned me into a new version of myself.  I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but it definitely is interesting.  I think that not having specific things to tend to all day makes a person get creative when it comes to deciding what to do to make time pass.  I attribute my 2.0 version mostly to that. 🙂

Indivision – Femme Fatale (track is in player)
Stunna turned me on to these guys.  Love it.

Today’s Oldie:
J MajikArabian NightsMetalheadz 1995

CyantificTime Flies Mix Part 1
I worked out to this last week and broke a serious sweat!  Great trip down memory lane.  Good mix.


Konflict – Messiah
>> Dylan – Spasm
Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman
Trace & RymeTyme – Move VIP
Matrix – Temperament
Total Science – Make Me Feel
>> Ram Trilogy – Titan
Hatiras – Spaced Invader (J Majik rmx)
John B – Up All Night
Bad Company – Planet Dust
Ed Rush & Optical – Kerbcrawler
Q Project – Trouble
High Contrast – Make It Tonight
Danny Breaks – Sign
Special Forces – What I Need
High Contrast – Return Of Forever
Total Science – Squash
Jonny L – Trouble
Matrix – Can’t Stop
Marcus Intalex & ST Files – How You Make Me Feel (Photek rmx)
Mr L – Lets Roll
Ebony Dubsters – Ra!
London Elektricity – Billion $ Gravy
Hive – Last Call
Cyantific – Reincarnation Dub
St:Cal – Redlight
Q Project – Ask Not
Hive & Keaton – Bring It On
Logistics – Space Jam

Popstar Kiki

Shit.  Unemployment is finally getting to me.  I need to get out of my house.  Lame.  Even writing about it gets me annoyed so this rant will have to end here.

I can’t stop listening to that Giant – Drumstick VIP track. Such a party wobble track.  ❤   I know I’m late on it but you know I don’t really keep up with dubstep as much as I do dnb.  That Emalkay mix is still on repeat in my car.  Loves it.  Did you know that Enei is part of Giant?  I didn’t.

I’ve been listening to everything.  Dnb, dubstep, pop, rap, whatever switches up the tempo to my boring day.  I’m currently listening to Cheryl Cole as i type this.  Yes I’m aware that i should prolly keep that piece of info to myself but I’ll never deny my love for pop music.  NEVAAAHHH. Mwahahaha.  I still even have my Bros album on vinyl.  Gimme me a break, I grew up in London, I will listen to pop music for the rest of my life.  Girls Aloud what what! 😉

Jubei & Phobia – Cooper’s Dream (track is in both players)

Alix Perez feat. Peven Everett and SpectrasoulForsaken
I’m still listening to the Alix Perez album 1984.  So awesome.  I can’t get this track out of my head.  It’s a Chicago vocalist on the track.  Woot.  Big up Peven.

The Upbeats feat. Kemo – Carousel (track is in both players)

Today’s Oldie:
Wax DoctorKid CappriceMetalheadz 1994

Dj PreshaSamurai Music Bassdrive Show November 09


Joe Syntax – In Lifeforce
Abstract Elements – Abysmal Depth – Exit
Consequence – Long Lies – Exit
Omar Feat Estelle – Lay It Down / Triad Remix (Instrumental) – Phunk Fiction
Atom – Untitled – Prestige Music
Felix K – Recognition – 31 Records
Spinline – Jetpack – ???
Calibre – Thrust – ??
M.I.S.T. – Entropy – Soul:R
D Bridge – 5th Floor – Exit
Calibre – Easy Glide – ??
Calibre – Rose – ??
Sabre – Marvel – Critical
Commix – Justified (Spectrasoul Remix) – Metalheadz
Break – Late Drop – Critical
Break – Crunchy – Critical
Icicle – Cold Fear – Shogun Audio
Nymfo & Cern – Proton Pack – ??
Calibre – Dont Want Your Love – ??
Luca – Canal City – ??
ASC – After Hours – ??
Spinline – Drop Out – ??
Sabre & Ulterior Motive – Barefoot – Critical
Dom & Roland – Odd Job – DRP
System – Voices – Exit
Breakage – Foundation – Digital Soundboy
BTK – Things I Do – Hardware
Sato – Turning Point – Ingredients
d Bridge & Instra:Mental – Detroid – NonPlus+
Icicle – Cause – Shogun Audio
Calibre – In A Dream – ??

Rap Attack Kiki

It’s friday.  Woot.  I’m playing Smart Bar with Dj Rap and Cringer tonight so if you’re in the Chi definitely come out.  I’m on from 12 to 130.  I can’t even tell you the last time I saw Dj Rap.  I swear it was in like 2000.

I’m hoping the weekend gets this lazy bitch behaviour out of my system and I act better next week.

Kathy and her bf Matt are still here and my friend Jon is in town too.  I feel like I’ve had friends visiting non stop lately.  I will say that one of the things that is a perk of unemployment is I get to hang out whenever which is cool.

Mutt & Generic – No Clue (track is in Generic player)

Today’s Oldie:
John BUp All NightMetalheadz 2001
I remember getting so sick of hearing this track.  It was everywhere all day everyday.  It’s still a good track though. 😉

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode #16 November 2, 2009


Alix Perez – I’m Free
Atmospherix – Memories [Dub]
dRamatic & dbAudio – Cored [Hustle Audio Dub]
Alix Perez – 1984
Mr Sizef – Foggy World [Dub]
Joe Syntax – White Light [Dub]
Druid – ??? [Dub]
Mutt, Atmospherix & Eros – Today Halftime
Indivision – Out Of This [Dub]
Pessimist – Monday Nights [Hustle Audio Dub]
K-Dan – Truth [Dub]
Isotone – Human Error
Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Pad Cemetery [Dub]
Survival – Betrayal
Mikal – Highway
Loxy & Resound – Storyboard
Digital & Outrage – Snowballs
Dj Fresh – Fantasia
Spirit – Raygun
Futurist – Simple Things Simple Life
Druid – Headbumps (June Miller Remix) [Dub]
Lynx & Hellrazor – Shady Pastimes
Druid – Sidestep [Point9 Dub]
Stunna & Switch – Nightwatcher
Spinline – Razzia
Bachelors Of Science – Sweat
Lynx & Kemo – Global Enemies
Icicle – Lost Hours
Lomax & Focus – 5 Weeks
Brother – Ever After
Brookes Brothers – Drifter
Laos – Star Soul

Thermal Underwear Kiki

This week went by so fast.  I’ve enjoyed how lowkey it was to be honest.  I’m not that good at raving til the break of dawn like I did last week. 😉  I plan on partaking in normal activities this weekend so it should be a good time.  Hopefully the cold doesn’t persuade me to just hole up in my flat.  Seriously it’s effing cold.

Today’s Oldie:
Alex ReeceBasic PrinciplesMetalheadz 1994

I really ❤ RM.  This is no secret.  He is definitely one of the people in dnb that I am completely on the same page as.  Love his tunes, love his mixes.  Woot. 🙂
Random MovementPodcast 2


Random Movement & Komatic – Accidental Causes
Mixmaster Doc – The Shakedown
Artificial Intellegence & DRS – Blind Eye
NetSky – Midnight Express
Heist – Acoustic Sheild
Redeyes – Oh Please
Eveson – Dead Man’s Chest
Bal – Venus In Furs
Kjell – Point Taken
Will Miles – Max Dome
Eveson – The Lost Isles
Bal – Out There (The Viking’s Theme)
Mixmaster Doc – Daze End
Naibu feat. Kiyomi – Fireflies (Seba Remix)
Edward Oberon – Bridge Out
Nu:Tone – Battle Theme
S.P.Y – Like a Dream