Hogwarts & Kiki

I drive by the lake every morning on my way to work.  Sometimes the fog looming over it reminds me of the dementors at Hogwarts.  (Chrome recognizes Hogwarts as a word, but not dementors 😂)  I love fog though, it reminds me of my childhood growing up in England.


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Queen Bee Kiki

Is the Queen Bee the busiest?  I’m pretending she is, cuz that’s me.  Work, school, work, school, work, school… you get the gist.  With my schedule like this, this summer might not be as cool as I want it to be.  😦  I’m going to try my damndest to at least have some fun though.  There are way too many patios calling my name!  That’s my favourite part of summer, meeting my friends for some drinks and just kicking it on a patio in the nice weather.

Reisha moved in and that’s awesome.  It’s nice to live with someone who you’ve been friends with for 8 years.  I will miss Caroline though.  She was a good roomie.

We had a taste of summer for a couple of days and now it’s back to grey, 66 degrees and rainy.  Can you say boo?  Ultra lame.

You know what’s not lame?  Dnb!  I’ve been compiling lists upon lists of tunes that I’m digging.  There’s so many!  I’m really lovin what’s out right now.  I need to attend a big show so I can hear them on a loud sound system.

Remember, I’m still catching up on listening to the mixes I’ve downloaded, so if a tune is old to you, it’s new to me, since I’m only just now hearing it. 🙂

SkepticalCold One (Jubei Remix)
Is this out??  I need it! How come I’m only hearing it now??  My obsession with Jubei continues.  Loves him.

Will Miles – Sounded Like A Dream
This tune rules.  Lovely, summery, liquidy vibe. 

Komatic & TechnicolorThose Feelings

Need For Mirrors – Punch Drunk

Sick.  ❤

Ayah MararFollow You (Artificial Intelligence Remix)
This I definitely need to hear on the dancefloor.  Makes me wanna brock out every time the bassline kick in.  Loves it.

Today’s Oldie:
Atlantic ConnectionRocksteadyWestbay Recordings 2007
I’m in a girly mood today.  Nice melody.

Jerona FruitsPodcast Vol. 17


Andyskopes – Must stay strong (Jerona Digital)
Sinistarr – Mainstay (Metalheadz)
Heavy1 – Xiphactinus [Lenzman Rmx] (DMND)
Icicle – Nausea (Shogun)
The Burbs – Zone out (Jerona Fruits Dub)
??? – Breathe [Stunna Rmx] (Dub)
Joe Syntax – Sightlines feat Jono Mcleery (Medschool)
Wilkinson – Everytime (Ram)
The Burbs – Abadon (Jerona Fruits Dub)
The Burbs & Wutussi 87 – Do the dam (Jerona Fruits Dub)
SPY – Turn the lights off (Hospital)
The Burbs – My Shadow (Jerona Fruits Dub)
Noisia & Phace – Program (Vision)
Taxman – Dreamland (Playaz)

Occupied Kiki

I actually was pretty busy today, which was surprising because I usually have an agenda that consists of zero activities. 😉  I had a really fun weekend.  My Thanksgiving countdown is still in full effect.  Next week, yay!

Need For MirrorsVirago

Today’s Oldie:
Carlito & AddictionJust Wanna BeCreative Source 2002

Ulterior MotiveSubtitles Podcast 001
I’m still continuing my obsession with Ulterior Motive.


01. Rockwell – Everything (& U)
02. Hybris – The Guy
03. Ulterior Motive – ?
04. Amoss – We All Grow
05. Ulterior Motive & FD – All That We Are
06. Total Science & S.P.Y – Venus Prime
07. FD & Script – Send Down
08. Fracture And Neptune – The Limit
09. Hybris – Of Two Minds
10. Enei & Eastcolors – Craker
11. Break Feat. Nico – Salvage
12. Ed Rush – Sabotage
13. Break Feat. Calyx & Teebee – Dont Look Down
14. Enei – Forgive Me
15. Apex – Energy Lines
16. Alix Perez & Noisia – Loose Ends
17. Octane & DLR – The Fly
18. Raiden – ?
19. System – Sy-Fi
20. Phace – Crevice
21. Rockwell – Noir (Ulterior Motive Remix)
22. Zero T – Harms Way
23. ? – ?
24. Commix – Justified (SpectraSoul Remix)
25. Ulterior Motive – Featherweight (VIP)
26. Reggae Choon

Kiki On The Go

I woke up this morning and it was 43 degrees outside.  Yikes.  Had an awesome weekend.  This is my bday week so I intend on doing a lot of hanging out if possible. 🙂

Need For MirrorsGreazy

Zero T & Ulterior MotiveBreach
I’ve liked this one for a while.  I think I just forgot to post it.  Dope tune.

Today’s Oldie:
LTJ BukemEnchantedGood Looking Records 1993

mSdoS & KyroLiquid DnB Sessions Ep. 26


01 Phat Playaz – Katie Rae (Stepping Forward dUb)
02 Big BUd & Soul Connection – Dream love (Soundtrax)
03 Blade & Jrumhand – Cascade (dUb)
04 Aquasion – It’s A Jazz Thing (Textures Music dUb)
05 Jrumhand – Chance (dUb)
06 Dynamic and Pouyah – Issues (dUb)
07 CJ Styles – Voltage (dUb)
08 B4ssTee – Wintersun (Textures Music dUb)
09 Command Strange – Soulville (Basswerk Files)
10 Steez – So Right (Aquasion RMX) (Textures Music)
11 Clart & PaulSG – Rhodesomes (Jazzsticks)
12 Furney – Charlottes Song (dUb)
13 Smote & BlueMotion – Orange Level (Fokuz dUb)
15 Stunna – Aquarius (Bassdrive Tunes dUb)
16 Fuse – Sanguine (dUb)
17 Melos – Guiding Light (dUb)
18 Vibes – Mystline (Tribute To Nujabes) (??????)
19 Kyro – Looking Back (TouchTone Recordings)
20 mSdoS & Solid State – Amaryllis (Offworld Records)

01) “Sundancer”- Into The Emptiness – (Offworld Transmissons Vol.1)
02) “LM1 & Kubatko” – Mass Effect – (Offworld Transmissions Vol.1)
03) “Bfuse” – Dark Energy – (Offworld Transmissions Vol.1)
04) “Blu Mar Ten” – last dance – (Natural History)
05) “Blu Mar Ten” – Close (vip) – (Natural History)
06) “SeaTheSky & Beatchemist” – Learn to Fly – (Offworld Recordings)
07) “Lm1” – Esuna – (Dub)
08) “mSdoS” – Raining May – One7Six (Dub)
09) “Blu Mar Ten” – Gods Lonely Man – (Natural History)
10) “Kharm” – Charade – (Offworld Transmissions Vol.1)
11) “Tranzyt” – Little Big Adventure – (Absys Recordings)
12) “Sintez” – Need You – ‘SubLuvEP’ (Future Thinkin)
13) “Sintez” – Arabian Nights – ‘SubLuvEP’ (Future Thinkin)
14) “Blu Mar Ten” – Nobody Here – (Natural History)

530am Kiki

The days of the USA games I have to go in at 530am.  I know that I wake up at the crack of dawn anyways but I don’t ever really do anything too exciting at those times.  I go to the gym or watch tv.  Having to work that early in the morning is not really that cool.  The USA games are fun though and it’s good money so I’ll grin and bear it. 🙂

Need For Mirrors – Gallows (track is in player)

Random MovementPodcast 10


Phil Tangent – Billie’s Smile
All Thieves – Stars (Zero T remix)
Marky & S.P.Y – The Doppler Effect
Kabuki – Memory Effect
Phil Tangent – Lunar
????? – ?????
Kabuki – Rhodesia
ATP – Time Wasted Is Time Well Spent
Paul SG & Grimm – My Heart
Redeyes – Sitting Back
Makoto & T-ak – Climbers High
Akira – Steppin Stones
Marky & S.P.Y – Destiny
Robot Redford – Bonfire Youth (Technicolour remix)
Eastcolors – Underwater
Vibes – Mystline (Tribute to Nujabes)
B.O.B – Nuthin’ On U (Drum & Bass Bootleg)
Ross D – Starburst Maneuver
Kabuki – Sirocca
BCee – Is Anybody Out There feat. S.P.Y

Lazy Ass Kiki

Laziness does not even begin to describe what I’ve been up to today.  LOL.

Need For Mirrors DNBA Podcast


01. Need For Mirrors – Low Tide [NU DIRECTIONS]
02. Need For Mirrors – Stance [31R]
03. Need For Mirrors – Scar Tissue [N/A]
04. Need For Mirrors – Sleaze Bag [N/A]
05. Need For Mirrors – Trip Up [N/A]
06. Need For Mirrors – Screen Play [N/A]
07. Need For Mirrors & Zero T – Tilt [SHOGUN]
08. Kabuki & Jeru The Damaja – Watch Your Step (Need For Mirrors Remix) [V]
09. Need For Mirrors & Kiat – Bad Fellas [31R]
10. Need For Mirrors – Gallows [SHOGUN]