530am Kiki

The days of the USA games I have to go in at 530am.  I know that I wake up at the crack of dawn anyways but I don’t ever really do anything too exciting at those times.  I go to the gym or watch tv.  Having to work that early in the morning is not really that cool.  The USA games are fun though and it’s good money so I’ll grin and bear it. 🙂

Need For Mirrors – Gallows (track is in player)

Random MovementPodcast 10


Phil Tangent – Billie’s Smile
All Thieves – Stars (Zero T remix)
Marky & S.P.Y – The Doppler Effect
Kabuki – Memory Effect
Phil Tangent – Lunar
????? – ?????
Kabuki – Rhodesia
ATP – Time Wasted Is Time Well Spent
Paul SG & Grimm – My Heart
Redeyes – Sitting Back
Makoto & T-ak – Climbers High
Akira – Steppin Stones
Marky & S.P.Y – Destiny
Robot Redford – Bonfire Youth (Technicolour remix)
Eastcolors – Underwater
Vibes – Mystline (Tribute to Nujabes)
B.O.B – Nuthin’ On U (Drum & Bass Bootleg)
Ross D – Starburst Maneuver
Kabuki – Sirocca
BCee – Is Anybody Out There feat. S.P.Y


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