BCee Promo Mix

Man, I used to stan so hard for BCee and Spearhead.  I’m sure they still do a ton of stuff but since I’m rubbish at keeping up with the ins and outs of the dnb industry, I really have no clue what they’ve been up to.  I’m happy to see this mix.

Here’s a good old Spearhead flashback.  Not really a big Netsky fan but I’ve always liked this tune.


Currently listening to this gem as I try my best to avoid the urge to nap on the couch in my office.  No classes to teach til April when the new school year starts.  Must be productive!

I actually have a schedule that I made for myself today so I think there’s hope for me yet.  🙂


Kiki, Herb Ritts You Are Not My Dear

I had an amazing weekend.  My bday was really awesome.  Jay and Danisa’s Wedding was amazing.  So much fun.  The main thing I learned is I’m not a good at drinking and taking photographs.  LOL.  Daniela can attest to that.  All my pics are blurry or have everyone’s heads cut off.  I will definitely give my camera to someone else at the next shindig and tell them to be my photographer.  🙂

NetskyRadio 1 Essential Mix
(Bisl this one’s for you!)


Shameboy – Strobot (Netsky Remix) [Dub]
Friction vs Camo & Krooked – Stand Up [Shogun Audio]
Danny Byrd – Ill Behaviour [Hospital]
Die & Interface – Bright Lights (Feat William Cartwright) (Netsky Remix) [Toolroom]
Nu:Tone – Shine In (Feat Natalie Williams) [Hospital]
Netsky – Porcelain VIP [Dub]
Netsky – Do It Do It [Dub]
Netsky – I Refuse (Acapella) [Spearhead]
Brookes Brothers – Beautiful [BBK]
Muffler – Uplifter [Spearhead]
Indivision & Livewire – Irresistible (Feat Nelver) [Dub]
Bcee & S.P.Y. – Is There Anybody Out There? [Spearhead]
Nu:Logic – Bleeper [Hospital]
Brooklyn – With All My Heart [Subtitles]
Chords – Radio [Dub]
Danny Byrd – Tonight (Feat Netsky) [Hospital]
Leftfield – Release The Pressure (Netsky Remix) [Sony]
Danny Byrd – Failsafe (Feat London Elektricity) [Hospital]
Netsky – Everyday [Liqweed Ganja]
Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line (D+B Remix) [Dub]
?????? – Both Sides (Feat Adam Wright) [Grid]
New Zealand Shapeshifter – The Touch (Netsky Remix) [Hospital]
Swedish House Mafia – One (Netsky Remix) [EMI]
Netsky – Pirate Bay VIP [Dub]
Hyperlogic – Only Me (Hamilton Remix) [Tidy]
Danny Byrd – Judgement Day VIP (Feat Cyantific) [Hospital]
Sigma – Paint It Black VIP [Hospital]
Netsky – Tomorrow’s Another Dub VIP [Dub]
Sidney Samson – Riverside (Breakage Remix) [Data]
The Bloody Beetroots – Warp (Dirtyphonics Remix) [Ed Banger]
Danny Byrd – We Can Have It All [Hospital]
Burial – Archangel Edit [Hyperdub]
DJ Fresh & Sigma – Lassitude VIP [Bbk]
Netsky – Escape [Hospital]
Commix – Painted Smile [Metalheadz]
Eastcolors – Go To Nowhere [Dub]
Nu:Logic – Bigfoot [Hospital]
Random Movement – Can’t Resist (S.P.Y. Remix) [Innerground]
Netsky – Iron Heart [Hospital]
Unicorn Kid – Wild Life (Nu:Tone Remix) [Data]
DJ Fresh & Sigma – Cylon [Bbk]
Agent Alvin – Move [Dub]
S.P.Y. – Go With The Flow [Ram]
Metrik – T 1000 [Viper]
Culture Shock – Cathedral [Ram]
Blokhe4d – The Way Life Used To Be [Dub]
Hamilton – Soundboy [Ram]
Squash – Divine [Cue]
Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery – On A Good Day (J Majik & Wickaman Remix) [Dub]
Metrik – Arrival (Instrumental [Viper]
Spy – By Your Side (Logistics Remix) [Spearhead]
Netsky – Come Back Home [Liqweed Ganja]
Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso – Together (D+B Remix) [Dub]
Netsky – Rise & Shine [Hospital]
Apex – String Theory [Dub]
DJ Marky & S.P.Y. – Touch Me [Innerground]
Subwave – Road Rage [Metalheadz]
Joe Syntax – Slingshot [Grid]
Pendulum – Witchcraft (Netsky Remix) [Warners]
London Elektricity – The Great Drum & Bass Swindle (Logistics Remix) [Hospital]
Netsky – The Lotus Symphony [White]
Genetic Bros – Uplifting [White]

Disoriented Kiki

Everything’s a blur these days.  I thought it was the 17th all day yesterday and then realised I was 3 days behind.  I’m super busy but it’s a good busy.  I had no transition.  I went from not working for a year to working 5 days a week.  I’m very much relishing in my days off and attempting to catch up on sleep.

NymfoGreetings Starfighter (track is in Samurai Music player)

Today’s Oldie:
Shy FXSimple TingsSOUR 1995

NetskyAnnie Mac Mini Mix June 2010


Netsky – Memory Lane
> London Elektricity – Just One Second (Apex remix)
> Netsky – Come Back Home
Nu:tone – Missing Link
> Major Lazer – Hold The Line (Cyantific remix)
> Netsky – Iron heart
Netsky – The magic russian bottle
> Netsky – Escape
S.P.Y. – Sunship
Netsky – Rise & Shine
> Magical Gravity – Best Of Friends
Netsky – Mellow
> Netsky – Lost in this world
> Logistics – The trip
Netsky – I refuse
> Miike Snow – Black & Blue (Netsky remix)
Netsky – Secret agent
> Netsky – Eyes Closed
Netsky – Prisma
> Netsky – Moving with you (VIP mix)
> Lenzman – Open page
> Dj Die & Interface – Bright Lights (Rollers mix)
Brookes Brothers – Last Night
> Netsky – Everyday
> Brooklyn – With All My Heart
Netsky – Starlight
> Culture Shock – Bad Red
> Nu:tone & Logistics – Bleeper
Netsky – Pirate Bay
Million Stylez – Miss Fatty (Drum & Bass remix)
B-Complex – Beautiful Lies (VIP mix)
Nu:tone – Beliefs
Swedish House Maffia – One (Netsky remix)
Netsky – Can’t hold on
> Netsky – Tomorrow’s another dub

Oh So Tired Kiki

Went to see Gaslamp Killer last night.  Pretty cool show.  I’m so tired.  I remember now why you shouldn’t party when you have to work early the next morning. 😦

NetskyYour Way

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Dextrous & H PeeHot FlameSubversive Recordings 1995

Warm CommunicationsMay Promo Mix 2010


01. DJG – Hydrate (Consequence Remix) – Warm Communications
02. DJG – Hydrate – Warm Communications
03. Circa – Zone – Dub
04. Fracture & Neptune – Dustball – Astrophonica
05. System – Short Circuit – Dub
06. Dan Habarnam – One Note Bass – Dub
07. Sam KDC – Sepia – Dub
08. Sabre – Peril (Stray Remix) – Critical
09. Rockwell – Reverse Engineering – Lartsekrad Dub
10. Need For Mirrors – Pantone – Dub
11. Pearson Sound – Down With You – Darkestral Galaxicos Dub
12. DJG – Be Here Now – Warm Communications Dub
13. Scuba – Tense (DBridge Remix) – Hotshore
14. June Miller – Converge – Horizons
15. Unquote & Mr. Sizef – The New Story Begins… (Synkro Remix) – Warm Communications Dub

Full House Kiki

It’s impossible for me to even utter the words Full House without thinking of this terrible show.  It’s amazing that it was as popular as it was because they weren’t even able to pull the wool over my eyes as a youngun, I always knew it was rubbish.  LOL.

Thanksgiving at my mum’s is just usually the two of us.  It’s nice.  We kick it, eat a ton and then go visit other people.  This year we went from the expected 2 person dinner to 11 people in a matter of seconds.  LOL.  Dang, now I’m going to have to fight people for the pie and ice cream.  Hey the more the merrier right?

I remember when we first moved to America, Thanksgiving was so weird for us.  It’s strange to spend numerous years of your life not celebrating something and then it becomes a regular part of your routine.  Now I love Thanksgiving.  I love hanging out with my family and I love eating all the food.  Big up Turkey Day.

Recriminate – The Heavy (track is in player)

Lenzman – More Than I Can Take (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie
Nasty HabitsShadowboxing Remix31 Records 1997

NetskyWinter Mini Mix Nov 2009
Already listened to this one.  Nice little treat. 🙂

01. Netsky – Make a choice Netsky – Make a choice
02. Miike Snow – Black & Blue (Netsky remix) Miike Snow – Black & Blue (Netsky remix)
03. Netsky – I refuse Netsky – I refuse
04. Netsky – Prisma Netsky – Prisma
05. Netsky – Everyday Netsky – Everyday
06. Netsky – Starlight Netsky – Starlight
07. Netsky & Crystal Clear – King of the stars Netsky & Crystal Clear – King of the stars
08. Netsky – Tomorrows another day (vip mix) Netsky – Tomorrows another day (vip mix)
09. Netsky – Smile Netsky – Smile
10. Netsky – Come back home Netsky – Come back home
11. Netsky – Memory lane Netsky – Memory lane

Locomotion Kiki

I think I’ve told you before that I heart Kylie.  Locomotion wasn’t necessarily one of my fave track of hers but it serves the purpose for today’s entry title. 😉  Pop music ftw!

I’ve been up and at ’em since 4am.  It’s strange enough to go to the gym at 5am but 4:30?  I don’t think I’ll do that again.  It’s way too early.  LOL.

Nothing profound to tell you today.  Just trudging along doing what I do.


Netsky – I Refuse (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dj KrustCheck Dis OutV Recordings 1997

Alley CatKokeshi Podcast 3 October 2009


01. Box Mouse – 5:37am on the tube [???]
02. Kryptic Minds – Generation Dub [Swamp]
03. Irrelevant – Self Harm [???]
04. Kryptic Minds – Stepping Stone [Swamp]
05. DJ Madd – I Know It’s You [Boka]
06. Lung – Sail On [???]
07. Ike Release – Echelon Form [???]
08. Soul Intent – Eternal [???]
09. ???
10. DJ Madd – Someone (Breakage Remix) [???]
11. Sines – Be With You [???]
12. Box Mouse – Get High [???]
13. Irrelevant – No Love [???]
14. Alex & Jonsi – Happiness [Parlophone]
15. Alaska ???
16. Muted – Robin [???]
17. ???
18. Kiat – Ruffa Class Thing [???]
19. Spirit – Close Your Eyes [???]
20. Fushara – Blipergy [???]
21. Soul Intent – Dark Robotic Orchestra [???]
22. Triad – Utopia [Cylon]
23. Alley Cat – Wait [???]
24. ???
25. Alley Cat – Ambient [???]
26. Dan Habarnam – No Ballast [???]
27. Alex & Jonsi – Stokkseyrl [Parlophone]
28. Florence & The Machine – It’s Real (xx Remix) [???]
29. The Cure – Plainsong

Hot Vinyl Mess Kiki

Lately it doesn’t seem that strange that I’m up and at ’em at the crack of dawn cuz I just wake up and get ready to go to  the gym.  Today I have to take Joia to school to help Jessica out so instead I am lying in bed typing this post as Joia watches Sponge Bob.  Hanging out with a kid at 630 in the morning is actually right up my alley cuz I can never seem to find anyone who actually wants to have conversations with me this early in the morning but Joia definitely has a lot to say.  LOL.

I’ve been listening to a lot of mixes lately.  There’s some really good ones floating around.  I’m really digging the Faironne, the new Random Movement Podcast and I’m still listening to the Quantrek.  There’s a bunch of others too but it’s just silly to list them all.

In other news, I’m in vinyl hell.  One way I’ve been combating the unemployment blues is I’ve developed a sort of schedule.  I just make sure I incorporate a bunch of stuff in my day to help time go by faster.  I don’t want to be a lazy loser just lying on the couch watching telly.  It’s not really a time schedule, it’s more of a “at some point during the day do this” schedule.  One of those things is mix for an hour or however long I decide.  This task has become harder and harder as my records are in complete disarray.  My records used to be organised.  I took an extended amount of time many years ago and came up with a pretty awesome system.  Back then I had an abundance of crates and just sorted them out that way.  Then I got this lovely record shelf from one of my friends and I was so excited the day I got it that I just started pulling shit randomly from crates and putting them on the shelf.  Now the shelf just serves as a purpose to “put records away.”  They are in no particular order and it sucks.  I can’t find a bloody thing.  I started organising them yesterday. *sigh*  It is going to take forever.  Boo. 😦

NetskyHold On

Ant TC1 & SurvivalFind (track is in Ant TC1 player)

Today’s Oldie:

FirefoxBuck RogersPhilly Blunt Records 1995
So simple yet wicked.  Old skool Roni Size is just awesome and Buck Rogers was one of my favourite shows as kid.  I am definitely showing my age now!!  Loves it.

Kasra Reprise Agency Podcas 16


Jubei – Alignment – Metalheadz
Spectrasoul – Last Attempt – Dub
Lenzman – More Than It Takes – Critical
Marcus Intalex & St Files – Lose Control – Metalheadz
Alix Perez & Spectrasoul – Forsaken – Shogun
Noisia Feat Joe 7 – Hand Gestures – Vision
Break – The Clamp – Symmetry
Break – Bassface – Shogun
Spectrasoul – Organiser – Critical
Spectrasoul – Wedgehead – Critical
Kasra – Perception – Critical
Survival – Hollow Ground – Critical
C4C – Something Else (Break Rmx) – C4C
Illskillz -Black Rabbit – Critical
Bladerunner – Mercenary – Dub
Break – Crunchy – Critical
FD, Hydro & Keza – Canopy – Critical
Alix Perez & Zero T – Suffer In Silence – Shogun
Stray – Timbre – Critical