Ghouls & Kiki

Happy Halloween! 🙂

In Minneapolis now.  Talk about horrible flight.  It’s over now though so there’s really no use griping about it.  Looking forward to a fun weekend.  Hope you guys have one too.

Stereotype – Need to Know (track is in player)
This one is pretty old but I’m still digging it.  I guess I was in that type of mood this am.

Phat Playaz – Fact of the Unknown (track is in player)

Paul SG – Follow Me (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
LTJ BukemDemon’s ThemeGood Looking Records 1992
Figured I’d try and have a spooky oldie in honour of Halloween. 😉

I am not familiar with this person at all.  Found the mix on Fonik’s site.  Love it.  It was quite a delight to listen to as I sat at the airport endlessly awaiting my flight.
Klay PigeonStranded Pigeon Mix


Calibre – Honeypot (Signature)
Big Bud – I Want you so Bad (Soundtrax)
Random Movement – The Things You Do (Innerground)
Switch – Hilltop View (Soul:R)
Calibre – What U Need (Creative Source)
Alix Perez – Contradictions (Shogun)
Furney + Tayla – You Must Stand Still (Liquid V)
Calibre – Let Me Hold You Now (Signature)
Commix – Scarlet (Hospital)
Aperture – Need U Here (Breakbeat Science)
Mutt – Hot Lick Squeeze (Creative Source)
Random Movement – Scotch Bonnet (Integral)
Marky + S.P.Y – Tapestry (Innerground)
Calibre – Tru Beat (Critical)
Alix Perez – Fade Away (Shogun)
Commix – Breaking Through (31)
Mistical – Believe it (Soul:R)
InstraMental – Pacific Heights (Darkestral)
Alix Perez – Forsaken (Shogun)
PFM – One and Only (2002 rework) (Goodlooking)

Mixmaster Kiki

I’ve been a mixing mad woman of late.  I think I’ve just been so bored during the week that the only activity that I find fun is holing up in the studio and having really really loud dnb mix power sessions.  Now that is what I call fun. 😉

Stereotype – The Accent (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Redeyes I LiveCreative Source Records 2006
Definitely a lot newer but a goodie.  This was definitely the beginning of my Redeyes obsession.  Simple yet lovely. 

Total ScienceReprise Agency Podcast #12


01. Hiten – Turnover
02. S.P.Y – Dark Corners
03. Survival – Sky
04. Total Science – Skinz
05. Random Movement – Cant Resist (S.P.Y Remix)
06. S.P.Y – Movin In Circles
07. Fresh – Heavyweight
08. Total Science – Soul Patrol (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Super Jungle VIP)
09. Lynx – The Semitones
10. Total Science – Archive
11. Break – Isis
12. Bladerunner & Explicit – It’s Takin Over Me
13. Lenzman Ft Jo-S – Fade Away
14. Q Project – In 2 Deep

Inauguration Kiki

Obamas Inauguration Day

Obamas Inauguration Day

I’m at work steady tuned into the live Inauguration coverage online.  Very productive. 😉  I’m going to Small Bar with the crew tonight to partake in some beer tasting and Inauguration festivities.

Command Strange – One Eight Seven (track is in player)

Stereotype – All So Clear (track is in player)
Love this one.  Heard it a while ago but was just waiting for them to load a clip.

Today’s Oldie:
Splash CollectiveRebelsSplash Recordings 1998
Chooon!  🙂  Shitty recording but a wicked classic nonetheless.

Electrosoul SystemPhuture Beats Show @ Bassdrive 01/15/09


01. PFM – Cruising Detroit [Moving Shadow]
02. Electrosoul System – Form Of Life [Kos.Mos Music]
03. Commix – Life We Live [Soul:R]
04. ???
05. MC Conrad – Strategies And Plans (Rantoul Remix) [Good Looking]
06. Electrosoul System?
07. Blu Mar Ten – Suspended Animation [Ascendant Grooves]
08. Electrosoul System – ???
09. ???
10. ??? (Very very old tune)
11. ???
12. ???
13. Omni Trio – Who Are You (Aquasky Mix) [Moving Shadow]
14. PFM – Wash Over Me [Good Looking]
15. Blu Mar Ten – Slipstream
16. ???
17. Omni Trio – Trippin’ On Broken Beats (VIP Mix) [Moving Shadow]
18. ASC – Tradewind [Outsider Music]
19. Seba & Lotek – Universal Music [Good Looking]

Ajax Huffer

I spent 3 hours cleaning my place yesterday to prepare for my bday extravaganza. It’s not really an extravaganza, I just like using that word. Anyways I think I inhaled too many cleaning product fumes. My nose is all stuffed up and I swear I smell Lysol Bathroom Cleaner yet I’m at work so that’s impossible. LOL

If you get a chance you should totally listen to that Operon Mix I posted yesterday. It was the soundtrack to my cleaning and was so good!

Here’s a couple hot hot hits, as my cousin in Sierra Leone calls them:

Stereotype – Torn (Track is in the player – you should listen to the other tracks too they are all good.)

BCee & LomaxHelp You (I slept on this one. I really like Intrinsic Records. They have some great releases.)

Specific – Down To You (This track is wicked. I just love the vibe.)

Lm1 – Ambient Traveller (Track is in the player. I’ve been hearing a lot of his stuff lately and I love it.)

Today’s Oldie: Roni SizeIt’s JazzyV Recordings 1997 This was one of the first records I learned to match beats with. I love the rolling bassline. V Recordings FTW. The V Recordings back catalogue is just ridiculous. I loved everything Roni Size back then. 🙂


Control SourceCalibration Really nice all Calibre mix. Nice easy listening.


01. Calibre – Hot Flush (Exit)
02. Calibre – Second Sun (Signature)
03. Calibre – Venus & Mars (Signature)
04. Calibre & ST Files – St Cal Roller (Signature)
05. Calibre – Derranged (SoulR)
06. Calibre – Alone In A Crowd (Signature)
07. Calibre – Carry Me Away (Signature)
08. Calibre ft. DRS – Movin (Signature)
09. Calibre – TV On (Signature)
10. Calibre – Savannah Heat (Signature)
11. Calibre – Luminous (SoulR)
12. Calibre & Zero Tolerance – What I Feel (ft. Merci) (Signature)
13. Klute ft. Calibre – Freedom Come (Commercial Suicide)
14. Calibre – Thoughtless (Digital Soundboy)
15. Calibre – Into The Groove (Signature)
16. Calibre – Mr Right On (Signature)
17. Calibre – Like It Is (Innerground)
18. Calibre – Highlander (Signature)
19. Mist:i:cal – Just A Little Herb (ft. Ras T-weed) (SoulR)
20. Dbridge ft. Calibre – Ponderosa (Exit)
21. Calibre & High Contrast – The Other Side (Signature)
22. Broke ‘n’ English – Tryin (Calibre Remix) (Fat City)
23. Badmarsh & Shri – Signs (Calibre Remix) (Outcast)
24. Calibre – Mr Majestic (Signature)
25. Calibre – Mr Maverick (Signature)
26. Calibre ft. Lariman – Peace of Mind (Signature)
27. High Contrast – Everything’s Different (Calibre Remix) (Hospital)
28. Calibre – Hypnotise (SoulR)

Bye Bye Summer :(

The pretense must stop.  2 more weeks and some change and it will be September.  So lame.

Weekend is here.  Holla.

Not much to talk about today.  Having a pretty chill day.  I feel like it’s always easy to start my weekend off right, cuz I just am always happy it’s friday and then I sit and listen to Spinn’s show for 3 hours.  LOL.  Can’t really beat that.

Lovin’ Stereotype – One More Try.

Someone made a comment about me not having samples and I apologize.  A lot of these tracks are new and unreleased and I don’t really have any way of getting a hold of them.  I just figure you can at least get to know the artists who are making these great tracks.

Moving on….

I figured I’d post this Chase & Status Essential Mix.  I’m still pretty amazed on how awesome Take Me Away is and so I reckon it’ll be fitting to pay homage to them for the afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend.


Chase & Status Essential Mix August ’08


Chase & Status Ft Plan B – Pieces – Ram
Xample & Lomax – Contra – Ram
Noisia – Diplodocus – Quarantine
Chase & Status – Music Club – Ram
Concept 2 – Cause & Effect – Ram
Jakes (Ft Tc) – Swerve – D Style
Sigma – El Presidente – Dub
Chase & Status – Dumpling Riddim – Ram
TC & Jakes – Haters – D Style
System – Near Miss – Digital Soundboy
Eric Prydz – Pjanoo (High Contrast Rmx) – Ministry
Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down – Bbk
Break – Submerged Rmx (Calyx & Teebee Vip) – Subtitles
Chase & Status – Take Me Away – Ram
Vicious Circle – Technicolour – Dub
Andy C & Shimon – Quest Vip – Ram
Chase & Status – Hurt You – Ram
Icicle & Nymfo – Franky Mountain – Ram
Chase & Status – Streetlife – Ram
Chase & Status – Eastern Jam – Ram
Breakage – Together – Digital Soundboy
Burial – Untrue – Hyperdub
Lenny Dee Ice – We Ie (Caspa & Rusko Rmx) Dub
Chase & Status – Saxon – Dub
Benny Page & Zero G – Pan Pipes – Digital Soundboy
501 – Insanity – Dubtrade
TC – Where’s My Money (Caspa Rmx) – D Style
Cotti & Doctor – Rise The Temperature – Dubtrade
Chase & Status Ft Kano – Against All Odds – Ram
Dizzee Rascal – Old Skool – Xl
Inner City Dwellers – Rudeboy – Dub
Metallica – Master Of Puppets (Pendulum Rmx)
Noisia – Stigma – Vision
Chase & Status – Smash Tv – Ram
Ed Rush & Optical – Alien Girl – Prototype
Chase & Status – Brazil – Ram
Hazard – Killaz – Playaz
Lomax – Artisan Vip – Dub
Vicious Circle – Peer Pressure – Dub
Dc Breaks – Taken – Frequency
Chase & Status – Judgement – Ram
Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows – Ram
Chase & Status – Duppy Man – Bbk
Plan B – No Good (Chase & Status Rmx) – 679
Lomax – Mercia – Dub
Sub Focus – Follow The Light – Ram
Hive & Tech Itch – Detox – Violence
Chase & Status – Havoc – Ram
Breakage – Clarendon Vip – Digital Soundboy
Furney – Jahman – Good Looking
Alix Perez – Stray – Shogun
Calibre & High Contrast – Mr Majestic
Zero T – Refusal (Calibre Rmx) – Dub