Ajax Huffer

I spent 3 hours cleaning my place yesterday to prepare for my bday extravaganza. It’s not really an extravaganza, I just like using that word. Anyways I think I inhaled too many cleaning product fumes. My nose is all stuffed up and I swear I smell Lysol Bathroom Cleaner yet I’m at work so that’s impossible. LOL

If you get a chance you should totally listen to that Operon Mix I posted yesterday. It was the soundtrack to my cleaning and was so good!

Here’s a couple hot hot hits, as my cousin in Sierra Leone calls them:

Stereotype – Torn (Track is in the player – you should listen to the other tracks too they are all good.)

BCee & LomaxHelp You (I slept on this one. I really like Intrinsic Records. They have some great releases.)

Specific – Down To You (This track is wicked. I just love the vibe.)

Lm1 – Ambient Traveller (Track is in the player. I’ve been hearing a lot of his stuff lately and I love it.)

Today’s Oldie: Roni SizeIt’s JazzyV Recordings 1997 This was one of the first records I learned to match beats with. I love the rolling bassline. V Recordings FTW. The V Recordings back catalogue is just ridiculous. I loved everything Roni Size back then. πŸ™‚


Control SourceCalibration Really nice all Calibre mix. Nice easy listening.


01. Calibre – Hot Flush (Exit)
02. Calibre – Second Sun (Signature)
03. Calibre – Venus & Mars (Signature)
04. Calibre & ST Files – St Cal Roller (Signature)
05. Calibre – Derranged (SoulR)
06. Calibre – Alone In A Crowd (Signature)
07. Calibre – Carry Me Away (Signature)
08. Calibre ft. DRS – Movin (Signature)
09. Calibre – TV On (Signature)
10. Calibre – Savannah Heat (Signature)
11. Calibre – Luminous (SoulR)
12. Calibre & Zero Tolerance – What I Feel (ft. Merci) (Signature)
13. Klute ft. Calibre – Freedom Come (Commercial Suicide)
14. Calibre – Thoughtless (Digital Soundboy)
15. Calibre – Into The Groove (Signature)
16. Calibre – Mr Right On (Signature)
17. Calibre – Like It Is (Innerground)
18. Calibre – Highlander (Signature)
19. Mist:i:cal – Just A Little Herb (ft. Ras T-weed) (SoulR)
20. Dbridge ft. Calibre – Ponderosa (Exit)
21. Calibre & High Contrast – The Other Side (Signature)
22. Broke β€˜n’ English – Tryin (Calibre Remix) (Fat City)
23. Badmarsh & Shri – Signs (Calibre Remix) (Outcast)
24. Calibre – Mr Majestic (Signature)
25. Calibre – Mr Maverick (Signature)
26. Calibre ft. Lariman – Peace of Mind (Signature)
27. High Contrast – Everything’s Different (Calibre Remix) (Hospital)
28. Calibre – Hypnotise (SoulR)


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