Lets Pretend Kiki

Remember what a fun game that was when you were a kid?  You could play lets pretend for hours!  I’m pretending today by making up activities to do so I don’t get stuck in my house.  *shrugs*  The main thing is that it gets me out of my house…  we’ll worry about the delusional state of mind later. 😉

SebaPainted Skies / The Joy (Face To Face) feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw
I’m glad this release is finally out.  Love both tracks.

Today’s oldie:
Dj RedMurder One RemixTrouble On Vinyl 1996

SoultecDrumKraft Promo Mix


Glen E Ston, Flaco & Dave Owen – Get on the floor – Dub
Jet Li – Lydias rhyme – Phaze 2
Neyo – Why Does She Stay (dRamatic & dbAudio RMX) – Dub
Blade – Bazooka Fury – Dub
soulTec & Blade – Like We Used To – Dub
Jaybee & Kaydan – Love Affair – Forthcoming Vibration
Stereotype – Nothing’s Changed – Dub
Dr Dub Feat. Harvest – Walk Away – Phuzion
soulTec & Blade Acid Jazz – Dub
Random Movement & Switch – Images – Dub
Glen E Ston – She Got Me – GLR Dub
Clart – About You – Dub
Abstract Elements – Abysmal Depth – Exit


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