Hawaiian Tropics

When I lived in Minneapolis, there was this girl I used to rave with sometimes that we called Hawaiian Tropics.  It wasn’t a diss, she was actually trying her damnedest to become Miss Hawaiian Tropics.  I had never heard of this competition until I met her. She was always really orange.

Currently, I’m pretending I’m on a beach listening to dnb and drinking margaritas.  Really it’s 8 am, it’s rainy season and muggy as hell and I’m sitting in my office with a fan blowing in my face.

There is a bright spot though, I just transferred some old mixes from an external hard drive that I forgot I had brought with me to Japan, to my laptop and have been listening to some oldies but goodies.  Of course I find the hard drive while I’m going through my things to pack up shit to move back.

Lets be honest though, this is not really that different from every other day where I spend a majority of my time listening to dnb from 15 odd years ago.  This time around though, I have an even bigger library of mixes to choose from. 😉

This track is 14 years old.  Am I really that old?  LOL



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