Live Band Kiki

Last night’s show was awesome.  I can honestly say that the one of things I miss about Minneapolis is how small the music scene was.  Everyone pretty much knew everyone.  There wasn’t that many of us so we all dabbled in everything and you got to know everyone personally and found ways to coordinate events etc.  I djed in between many an indie band set.  I did mash up gigs with live bands.  You just kinda did whatever.  Here the city is huge and I tend to just mingle with my dnb peeps.  I don’t really know many bands and I don’t even really know any other djs that aren’t really dnb djs.  I’m sure some of it is cuz I definitely don’t go out as much as I did in Minneapolis but at the same time i also know that it would be physically impossible to get to know every dj and every band here in Chicago. 😉  Anyways it was just fun to go see Andy’s band.  The Bottom Lounge was packed and that was actually my first time going to the new location.  Good times.

In other news here’s the awesome video of when the Ironlak USA team was in Chi.  Loves it.


Today’s Oldie:
Loxy & Usual SuspectsStalkerRenegade Hardware 1999

RezaSoul Initiation Show Live on Bassdrive


Decem – Some Sad Tones (dub)
Sol Id – Levitations (unsigned)
Joe Syntax (bios dub)
Notion – Searchin for Answer
Edward Oberon – La Vacca
Altair – Rock Ya Soul (Hobzee & Zyon Base rmx) [influenza ltd)
Tidal – Vortex (dub)
Cutworks – Exile (Intermission EP)
Electrosoul System – In Love (innerground)
Shapeshiffter – The One (original mix)
Break – Enigma (calibre rmx)
Random Movement – Stars in the dark
Atmospherix / Glen E Ston – So Much Love (good looking dub)
Alix Perez – Melanie (shogun)
Paul Saint Jack – Timeless (influenza media)
Soultec / Dirty B – Dont wanna loose U (dub)
Zero T / Steo – Refusal (calibre rmx)
Dave Oh and Jay Clart – Letting Go (dub)
Decem & Dirty B – Hold On (dub)
Stanza and Eros – If We Can (dub)
Intelligent Manniers – Where is my other half? (dub)
Crix – Secrets (absys rec)
Mortem – No Sushine (dub)
Amaning – Maraka (dub)
Atom – Breath In (dub)
Chris Inperspective / Diamond Eye – Bulla Smash (dub)
Paul T – Reflect (Emotif Rec)
Radicall – Night Flight (dub)

Wobble Kiki

Last night was awesome.  I went to go see Caspa at Smart Bar.  I can’t believe how many times I’ve been to Smart Bar this month.  It’s usually a place I don’t go to too often cuz I hate driving there and I’m not really on the electronic club tip that much these days .  I’ve seen some great shows there the past month though.  Caspa was def. my favourite one.  It’s so lovely when the room is just filled with enthusiastic people who are just as excited about the music as you are.  Last night was really packed.  Whoa-B and Timid had awesome sets.  Caspa murdered it.  The crowd just ate him up.  They knew all his tracks,  freaked out at the right times, danced a ton and even sang back lyrics really loudly?  I know.  I was in awe too.  LOL.  Made for a really great night.  I didn’t even feel like I was in Chicago cuz it seemed like there was, dare I say, a healthy scene that wasn’t just house music.  I had a blast. 🙂

The record organising continues.  Thankfully I can say that I do actually see an end in sight soon.  Yay.

Today’s Oldie:
Usual SuspectsTherapyRenegade Hardware 2001
Love it.

Balistik & Savage RehabAssasin Sounds Renegade Show DnB Radio 9/22/09


01 – Savage Rehab – FREE
02 – Xposure & Balistik – PHILADELPHIA SUNRISE
03 – Sigurt – COLOURFUL
05 – Savage Rehab – DIVINORUM
06 – Savage Rehab – VIOLACATO
07 – Savage rehab – MUSIC BELLE
08 – Kubix & Lomax – WISE WORDS
09 – Omni Trio – RENEGADE SNARES (Bladerunner RMX)
10 – Big Bud – KIKI
11 – Savage Rehab – HALLOWED
12 – Savage Rehab – TOUCH
13 – Savage rehab – MANDRIL
14 – J Laze – THE HUNTED

15 – Total Science – STONE LOVE

Jigsaw Kiki

I just got back from a pow wow session at the gym.  I’ve been a bit lazy lately so it was definitely needed.

These days I feel very jigsaw puzzle like.  I have a big picture in mind of what I need to be doing or am trying to do but I’m just trying to sort out the pieces to complete the image.  I’m not worried.  I just wish the process would go a little faster than it is going right now. 🙂

My friend Matt Martin is getting married on saturday.  I’m excited for the wedding.  I have no desire to get married myself but I definitely do enjoy going to friends’ weddings.  It’s a big gathering where you get to enjoy the company of all your friends that you might not usually see on a regular basis… who wouldn’t want that? 😉

Savage RehabSunshine

Today’s Oldie:
Future CutWhiplashRenegade Hardware 1999

ATPDrum n Bump n Grind n Bass


Glen E Ston and Dave Owen – Jazz Collab (Dub)
Stunna and Kubatko – Broken Rules (Golden Orb)
Erykah Badu – Honey (sconeboy and Dave Owen Booty) (Dub)
Brother – Reversal (Fokuz)
SoulTec – Take Your Time (Dub)
Sinistarr and Kiat – Black Diamonds (Hospital)
ATP – I still Believe (Vibration Dub)
Quantrek – Signs (dub)
Glen E Ston + ATP – Forget Me Not (Vibration Dub)
Atlantic Connection and Lynx – Danger Zone (Submorphics Rmx) (Westbay)
Simplification and Ed Oberon – Loveline (Blu Safire Dub)
Dave Owen and DJ Clart – Deep Cover (Dub)
Tyler straub and Dave Owen – Squeaky Clean (Dub)
Alix Perez – Crooklyn (Soul:R)
Dave Owen – Still Waters (Influence Dub)
Redeyes and Sweed – Night is Over (Spearhead)
Glen E Ston and The Square – Close to You (Dub)
Sks and Peyo – Without You (Influenza Media)

Windows Kiki

So I thought that my computer was fine and then my Windows somehow got corrupted and I couldn’t do a damn thing.  Boo.  Thank god for Pipeline.  He gave my laptop new life and also pointed me in the right direction to get a new keyboard so that he can replace it for me.  Yay.  Sorry external keyboard, you will no longer be needed.  It’s always a bonus to have a friend in the geek biz.

I’m going home this weekend and awfully excited about it.  It’s going to be quite the extravaganza at the African festival.  My people like to do it big yo.  😉  Jessica and Joia are coming with me.  I just like hanging out with my mum and eating good food and that’s the best thing that Madison, Wisconsin has to offer me.  Woot.

Tyler StraubImpatient

Today’s Oldie:
Dj RealityDetroit BluesRenegade Hardware 1999
Hands down my favourite record on this Armageddon LP.  So good.  Rowdy, live, dancefloor stormer.  Love it.

Dj PreshaSamurai Music Show Bassdrive July 2009


01. Sabre – One Man Jettison [DARKESTRAL EXCURSIONS]
02. Consequence – Dread Tone [DARKESTRAL EXCURSIONS]
03. Webb – Theme 3 [N/A]
04. Consequence – Pseudo Echo [EXIT]
05. Spectrasoul – Insignia [EXIT]
06. Ultracode – Misto [N/A]
07. ST Files – Fat Soul [SOUL:R]
08. Luca – Square One [SAMURAI]
09. Phobia – Nothing To Lose [CODED]
10. Luca – Black On Black [N/A]
11. Edward Oberon – Bridge Out [N/A]
12. SP.Y. & Total Science Feat Riya – Testimony [N/A]
13. S.P.Y.- A.S.B.O. [SOUL:R]
14. S.P.Y – Camouflage Dub [31 R]
15. Klute – Take A Breath VIP [A BUNCH OF CUTS]
16. Digital & Outrage – Heroes [FUNCTION]
17. Amit & Outrage – Insane Bitch [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
18. Redeyes – My Valentine (S.P.Y. Remix) [VANDAL]
19. Jubei – Entrapment [METALHEADZ]
20. ST Files – Crackden [SOUL:R]
21. ST Files – Weight Down [SOUL:R]
22. S.P.Y. Feat Riya – Rebirth [SOUL:R]
24. Dose & Menace – Pick Up VIP [SAMURAI]
25. Teknik & Dose – The Intruder [N/A]
26. Bazil & Lean – Flashback [N/A]
27. Break – Progression [UTOPIA]
28. Bal – Venus In Furs [INFLUENCE]
29. Soul Intent – Wall E Got Stoned [N/A]
30. 8 Bits – So Good [CIA DEEP KUT]
31. Noah D Feat Einstein – Killing Time (Break Remix) [BASSHEADZ]
32. 8 Bits – Cyclops [CIA DEEP KUT]
33. Soul Intent – Falling [SAMURAI]
34. 8 Bits – On Your Mind [CIA DEEP KUT]
35. Maako & Andy Skopes – In The Raw (D Bridge Remix) [UTOPIA]

Funky Kiki

It’s funny how you can be completely oblivious about categories of music.  There’s just so damn many.  Just the other day Radiata used the term skullstep and I was completely clueless.  I’m so liquid funk til I die that most of these terms are lost on me.  Skullstep can pal up with clownstep as far as I’m concerned.  Just not my cup of tea.  I don’t like weird, noisy, scary, angry dnb.  This is something that you have definitely learned about me by now, right?  Pretty, pretty, pretty, that is definitely what Kiki is about. 😉

I was listening to 1xtra this weekend as I cleaned my place and I tuned in to Dj Target’s show.  He kept talking about UK Funky and I was unaware that this was a music category.  I recognised the tunes.  I am a Crazy Cousinz fan.  I think that I posted a track of theirs sometime last year even.  I was just unaware that they had a category name.  LOL.  Regardless I’m digging it. (Daniela I feel like you might like this genre.)  To be honest they were the types of non-dnb tracks that I was digging anyway.  I just like that now I can look under a specific category and prolly find stuff I like.

Loving this one right now.  Girly, pretty, dancey, wicked.  Woot.  Big up Meleka.

Meleka – Go (Crazy Cousinz Remix)

Back in dnb land… I’m excited for the Raiden show here in Chicago on thursday.  Raiden has been popping back and forth thru Chicago as he goes on different legs of his tour.  I’ve been fortunate enough to hear different snippets of him practising and he sounds wicked.  Really good tracks and just overall nice mixing.  You cant be crap anyways when you’ve been around as long as he has.  He’ll be at Smart Bar tomorrow.  I’m not going to lie… I can do without the openers.  I’m sure they are wonderful people but I just don’t have the tolerance for noisy dnb anymore.  I am a senior citizen dammit.  Like I said at the beginning of this post rowdy, loud, noisy, scary dnb is no longer in my vocabulary.  I’m just going for his set. 🙂

I’m still trudging through mixes.  I’m so so behind.  LOL.  Bad Kiki.

SKS – Wiseman (track is in player)

Hiten – Turnover (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Future CutOverloadRenegade Hardware 2000
Loves it.

NymfoLive @ RBT


01. Spirit – Eastern Promises
02. Nymfo + Cern – Proton Pack
03. S.P.Y. – The Boy Who Cried Wolf
04. Break + Fierce – Hooligan
05. Nymfo – Social Isolation
06. SKC – Off Guard VIP
07. Proxima – Deep Space
08. Chris SU – Bandpassed
09. Nymfo – Flying Fortress
10. Martyn – Wonder Why
11. Break – Re-tech
12. S.P.Y. – Elite Squad
13. Phobia + Jubei – Cooper’s Dream
14. DJ Die – Clear Skyz (Break remix)
15. Icicle – Frozen
16. Ram Trilogy – Human Future
17. Lomax – Mercia
18. SpectraSoul – Mimic
19. Spirit – Spark
20. Proxima – Serengeti
21. Break – Empire
22. Dose + Menace – Pick Up
23. Ed Rush + Optical – Goodfoot
24. Proxima – You Ain’t Ready

Office Kiki

Man, when you sit at the computer for 8 hours a day you really do lead a completely different life.  I’m finding it quite odd adjusting to these new activities that seem to have made their way into my daily schedule.  I had become quite adjusted to  immersing myself in the internet realm.  Am I anxious to get back to it?  I honestly couldn’t tell you.

I think it is harder for me to be all up in the dnb biz as I’m not endlessly searching for mixes and new artists.  Today is the first day I have downloaded new mixes in like 5 days which is a far cry from the 4 to 5 a day I was downloading and listening to while at work.

I’m discussing this as if it’s something of great importance.  LOL.  I was just thinking about it while I was adding some new mixes to my ipod and decided to share my thoughts.  Obviously this is just babble and of no use to anyone but at least I’ve gotten the thought out of my brain. 😉

Luca – Break and Enter (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
KonflictRoadblock (Matrix Remix) – Renegade Hardware 2000

Cloak & DaggerOffshore Podcast 4

Melancholy Kiki

There’s always that strange sense of longing after you come back from a trip.  No matter how little the trip is.  Once you have to get back to your regular life it just doesn’t seem as exciting.  I’m gonna have to come up with some interesting things to stop my week from being so bloody boring.

Electrosoul SystemWhale Dance
This one is a bit odd but I’m  a big ESS fan so I reckon I’ll probably like anything he puts out.

Sabre – Global (track is in player)
I like Sabre’s grittiness.

Hobzee & Zyon BaseSad Song (track is in Hobzee player)
Love this one.  So pretty and chill.

Today’s Oldie:
KonflictRoadblockRenegade Hardware 1999

There seems to be a mix drought.  I’m not finding them as easily as I usually do.  I commend my buddy Doddi cuz he always seems to find a bunch of mixes that I have never even seen.  I found this one and listened to it and it’ll do for today.

NeroElements of Bass 04/04/09


London Elektricity – All Hell Is Breaking Loose – Hospital
London Elektricity – Rond The Corner (Origin Unknown Rmx) – Hospital
Zero Tolerance + Survival – Cold Blood – Revolution
Digital – Street Biz (Drum Cypha Rmx) – Function
Biz Markie – Let Me See U Bounce (Beat Box Mix) – Tommy Boy
Drumsound + Bassline Smith – Harder – Technique
Lomax + Kasra – Warrior – Critical
Pendulum – Vault – 31 Recs
Blame – Hindsight – Hospital
Commix – Rack it – Hospital
Chris Inperspective – Herb Minus – Nu Directions
Raw Q – Vital Soul – Bingo
Jazz Thieves – We Keep The Funk – Pushin Wax
CLS – Tell Me What You Want – Med School
Nympho – Common Gateway – Inneractive
Soul Intent – Cold Blooded – Samurai Music
Logistics – Wide Lens – Hospital
Serum – War Cry – Timeless
Stranjah – 20/46 – DNBArena
Xample ft. Lomax – Contra – RAM
Fresh + Pendulum = Kingston Vampires – Breakbeat Kaos
Icicle – Echoes – Subtitles
Digital – B.U.R.N.Y. – Violence
Specific – Tell Me (Zero T Rmx) – Phunkfiction
SKC – Offguard Rmx – Commercial Suicide
Lynx – The Fonz – Bingo
High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Hospital
Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down – Breakbeat Kaos
Icicle – Just A Moment – Crunch
Audio Unit – Running – Vandal
Gridlok – Labrat – Project 51
Naibu – AKI – Breakin
Martsman – Vontamin – Trust In Music
Break – The Drone – Symmetry
The Insiders – Stepdub – Intrigue
Craggz, Parallel Forces + Mosus – Boogie Down – Product
Mathematics + Spinline – Tempest – Hard:Edged
Saburuko + Brother – In Control – Horizons Music
SKC – Do That Thing – Social Studies
High Contrast – Basement Track – Hospital
High Contrast – Racing Green – Hospital
Cubist – Live + Let Die – Blueprint
Calibre + Singing Fats – Drop It Down – Signature

Weekend At Kiki’s

This was the first movie I saw when I moved to America. I thought it was hilarious… Gimme a break, I was 13.

I think it’s funny that I have that “Thank God It’s Friday” feeling because I’ve seriously done fuck all the whole week. What’s there to be so bloody relieved about? LOL. I am going to continue to be lazy and boring for the rest of the weekend. Hopefully you’ll do the same.

Sconeboy – Honey (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dkay & EpsilonPlatinumRenegade Hardware 2002
A bit trancey but I still like it. 😉

I really like these Kongkrete Bass Podcasts. I get pretty happy when they show up in my itunes podcast list.
NymfoKongkrete Bass Podcast #81


01. Audio – Power of fear – subtitles
02. Spectrasoul – Organiser – critical
03. Alix Perez – I’m free – shogun audio
04. Spinline – Sky walk – dub
05. Cern + Jubei – Untitled – dub
06. Bulletproof, Nymfo + Teknik – Three of a kind – cyanide
07. Nymfo – Surface scan – c.i.a. deep kut
08. Bulletproof, Teknik + Dose – Oddball – cyanide
09. Spinline – Suburbhan – dub
10. Total Science – Nine numbers – c.i.a. recordings
11. Spectrasoul + Ben E – Suppression – dub
12. Alix Perez – Melanie – shogun audio
13. Spectrasoul – Poseidon – dub
14. Nymfo + Cern – Proton pack – dub
15. Logistics – Jungle Music – hospital
16. Nymfo – Blue Velvet – dub


That’s one of my fave Common songs, Dooinit.   I’m feeling way way better. Just doing what I have to do. I had a pretty nice weekend hanging out with Jeremy, Levi and Heath. Holla.

Calibre – Two Drop (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
GenoforceThe Germ (Usual Suspects Remix) – Renegade Hardware 1998
Nothing like some noisy oldie bizness to start off the week. 😉

Talk about big show. Marcus Intalex and Doc Scott stopped by Dj Presha’s Samurai Music HQ. Looking forward to listening to this one for sure. There’s no tracklist but it’s 3 hours long which is awesome.

Doc Scott & Marcus Intalex @ Samurai Music HQ

Battling Kiki

I’m tired as fuck. I had a really fun weekend but I’m totally paying the price now. Too much liquor and too much party but tons and tons of fun. I tried to recuperate all day sunday but it obviously didn’t work cuz I still feel groggy and crappy today.

These girls tried to battle me and Shannon at Rodan. Hmmm. You heard correctly. It was all really strange and hilarious. You can guarantee that the looks on our faces were priceless as we were trying to figure out what the hell was going on while they did all these really horrid dance moves in front of us. Everytime I think of the word “battle” it reminds me of that Wookie track. Dope. I love the Remix by MJ Cole too.

Alix Perez – Melanie (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dom & RolandTraumaRenegade Hardware 1998
Ooh this is a tune!! Lovesit. Gritty, nice roller.

BlameEssential Mix Feb 28, 2009


Blame feat. Selah ‘Because Of You’ (720 Degrees)
Blame ‘Solar Burn’ (Charge Recordings)
Culture Shock ‘Vice Chase’ (Ram Records)
Rudenko ‘Everybody (Danny Byrd Remix)’ (Data Records)
Blame ‘Bring Me Down’ (720 Degrees)
Culture Shock ‘Kronix’ (Ram Records)
System ‘Near Miss’ (Digital Soundboy)
Chase & Status ‘Brazil’ (Ram Records)
High Contrast ‘If We Ever’ (Hospital)
Chase & Status ‘Streetlife’ (RAM)
Commix ‘Rack It’ (Hospital)
Vicious Circle ‘Technicolour’ (Frequency)
Xample feat Lomax ‘Contra’ (RAM)
Logistics ‘Cosmonaught’ Hospital
Shy FX & T Power ‘Feelings (Nu Tone Remix)’ (Digital Soundboy)
S.p.y. ‘Sunship’ (Spearhead)
2Db ‘Starsign’ (WAR)
Technicolour ‘Half A Chance’ (Technique)
Eric Pridz ‘Pjanoo (High Contrast Mix)’ (Data)
Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought ‘Always There’ (Against The Grain)
Jenna G ‘In Love’ (Bingo)
Roni Size ‘Its Jazzy (Nu Tone Remix)’ (White Label)
Brookes Brothers ‘Tear You Down’ (Breakbeat Kaos)
Break ‘Let It Happen’ (Shogun Audio)
Chase & Status ‘Take Me Away’ (Ram Records)
AI ‘Desperado’ (V Recordings)
Roni Size & Dj Die ‘Music Box (sigma remix)’ (full cycle)
Adele ‘Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)’ (XL Records)
James Doman ‘Alright (J Majik & Wickaman Remix) (Positiva Records)
Sub Focus ‘Join The Dots’ (RAM)
Brookes Brothers ‘F zero’ (Breakbeat Kaos)
KG ‘Textures & Sound’ (Frequency)
Shock One ‘Further away from me’ (Shogun Audio)
London Elektricity ‘Attack Ships On Fire’ (Hospital)
Danny Byrd ‘Gold Rush’ (Hospital)
Blame ‘Stay Forever’ (Charge Recordings)
Nu:Tone ‘Second connection’ (Hospital Records)
Die & Clipz ‘Indian summer’ (Clear Skyz)
Shimon vs Sparfunk ‘The smoker’ (Audio Porn)
Blame ‘Hiro’ (Blame Music)
Blame ‘Batcave’ (Charge Recordings)
Blame ‘Apocalypto’ (Blame Music)
Blame ‘Hold The Sunshine’ (720 Degrees)
Matrix vs. Futurebound ‘Womb’ (Metro/Viper)
Blame & The Pedge ‘Avalon’ (Hospital)
Blame ‘Skyline VIP’ (720 Degrees)
Blame ‘Solar Burn VIP’ (Charge Recordings)
Logistics ‘Together VIP’ (Hospital)
Logistics ‘Wide Lens’ (Hospital)
Blame ‘Rush’ (Charge Recordings)
Sub Focus ‘Druggy’ (RAM Records)
Logistics ‘Glitch’ (Hospital)
Chase & Status ‘Hurt You’ (RAM Records)
Logistics ‘Waiting Line’ (Hospital)
Sub Focus ‘Airplane’ (RAM Records)
Ant Miles & Makis G ‘Tear it up (Feat. Diane Charlemagne)’ (Liftin Sprits)
DJ Die ‘Slow Burn’ (Clear Skyz)
Commix ‘Solvent’ (Shogun Audio)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith ‘Stay Loose’ (Technique Recordings)
DJ Die ‘The reasons why (feat. Ben Westbeech)’ (Clear Skyz)
Nu:Tone & Logistics ‘Trademark’ (Hospital)
Nu:Tone ‘Balaclava’ (Hospital)
L.A.O.S ‘We All (Blame Remix)’ (Spearhead)
Blame ‘Whirlpool’ (720 Degrees)
Steve Angello & Laidback Luke feat. Robin S ‘Show Me Love (Blame Remix)’ (Data Records)