Brown Leaves Kiki

Wait… there’s no brown leaves on my street.  LOL.  Fall is here.  I kinda miss having a back garden sometimes.  It’s nice to witness that part of the change of the seasons.  I definitely don’t miss having to rake them up though.

This weekend was definitely the rowdiest I’ve gotten in a while… and when I say rowdy I don’t mean I got wasted and out of control cuz i don’t do that anymore.  I just stayed out real late and danced.  Geez, I’m obviously a geriatric when staying out late and dancing equals rowdiness.  😉  The Skream show was really fun.  Murderbot’s set was ridiculously awesome.  I really enjoyed it.

Klute is this week.  I always look forward to a Klute set.  He is just a really good dj.  Can’t ask for more than that.

A Sides – Butterflies MJ Tribute (track is in player)
This track is lovely.  So pretty.  Perfect tribute track.  Nice one A Sides!

Today’s Oldie:
DkaySerenadeBrigand Music 2005
Not that old, but still a dope tune.

Zero T is another person where I just like listening to his mixes.  Haven’t listened to this one yet but I’m sure it won’t disappoint.  I’m downloading it now. 🙂
Zero TFabric Live Promo Mix


01. Zero T – Cheap Intro (CIA)
02. Rasheed – Charade [Grooverider Remix] (White)
03. Alix Perez v Zero T – The Ladders (White)
04. Calibre + ST:Files – Devil Inside (White)
05. Ulterior Motive – Glued (White)
06. Spectrasoul – Guardian (Metalheadz Dub)
07. All Thieves – Stars [Zero T Remix] (White)
08. Rockwell v Zero T – Bone Structure (White)
09. Slam – Positive Education [Zero T Remix] (White)
10. Alix Perez – Myriads (Shogun Dub)
11. Halogenix – 5 By-Dub (White)
12. Shanie – What Way To Turn [Dillinja Remix] (Cyba)
13. Zero T + Bailey – Wasp Factory (White)
14. Spectrasoul – Mimic (Subtitles Dub)
15. Raiden + Khanage – King Stays King (Offkey Dub)
16. Optical – Slip Thru (Virus)
17. Derrick May – Strings Of Life [Remix] (White)
18. Dwele – I Think I Love You [Remix] (White)
19. Goldie – True Strings (Metalheadz)
20. Floating Points – K+G Beat (White)
21. Sabre + Alix Perez – Have It Your Way (Critica Dub)
22. Unit Souled – Missing Time ‘jam session’ (White)

Dubstep Kiki

So Chicago only comes out for big names I guess.  Andy C was packed last night and everyone was acting like they rave out to dnb on a regular basis.  It was very interesting to watch.  There was definitely a lot of rowdiness in the place.  Stunna killed it. 🙂

Going to see Skream tonight.  I like going to big dubstep shows.  They are fun.  I don’t necessary like going to Smart Bar for 2 days in a row but what’s a girl to do?

Bal – Demon Lover (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Bill RileyClosing InFull Cycle 1998

SinistarrQilin Music Podcast 2


Bal – Red River Valley – Influence Dub
Q Project – Back 2 Square 1 – Nu Directions
Mosus – Whistle Back – Advance//d
Hiten – Nuisance – Samurai Music
Sinistarr – Two Tone – Dub
Enei – The Straight Way – Dub
SpectraSoul – Adoration Vip
Sinistarr – Native – Qilin Dub
Sinistarr – Ascii – Prestige Music Dub
Jubei & Treez – Adaptor – Dub
The Insiders – Fantasy – Dub
Atlantic Connection f. Kemst – Cannabis – Peer Pressure Recordings
D Bridge – On Your Mind – Soul:r
Mist:I:Cal feat. Robert Owens – Believe – Soul:r
Ibex – Cavalier – Exchange Bureau Music

Lay Low Kiki

Slow day today.  Just kinda getting some things done here and there.  I’ve got two nights of semi-rowdiness coming up, Andy C tomorrow and Skream on friday, so I guess laying low isn’t such a bad thing. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
The Dream TeamThe Menace/Drugs & Money Joker Records 1996
I actually don’t know which side is which.  I personally think it’s called Drugs & Money but the youtube video says otherwise.  Either way I don’t care it’s the correct track and that’s all that matters.  This is still one of my fave oldies and I would play it out a lot more if my copy didn’t sound like Rice Krispies when the needle hits the vinyl. 😉

Implex & EneiDrumandbassru Podcast 22 Golden Age of Neurofunk


01. Faith and Chaos – Possession (Kemal & Rob Data Remix)
02. Optical – Slip Thru
03. Ram Trilogy – Mind Overload
04. Ed Rush, Optical and Fierce – Alien Girl
05. Stakka and Skynet – Clockwork
06. RAM Trilogy – Titan
07. Bad Company – The Nine
08. Moving Fusion – The Beginning
09. Absolute Zero, Subphonics – The Code (SKC Remix)
10. Konflict – Messiah
11. Matrix and Fierce – Climate
12. Cause 4 Concern – Synergy
13. Moving Fusion – Turbulence
14. Mayhem and Impulse – Chamber (Mindscape Remix)
15. Sinthetix – Switchblade Sisters
16. TeeBee – Gravity Distortion
17. Calyx And Teebee – Cyclone
18. Noisia – Hub Cap
19. Ed Rush and Optical – Fixation
20. Stakka and Skynet feat. Konflict – Bios-Fear
21. Teebee – Let Go

Carpal Tunnel Kiki

I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome.  Boo.  It is actually more painful and annoying than I had imagined it would be.  I could whine forever but I’ll spare you.

I actually had a pretty good weekend.   Friday was Bass Goes Boom’s second anniversary and 16 Bit were the headliners.  Party boys indeed.  Good times.

Saturday I reconnected with my old old friend as she was passing through Chicago.  I hadn’t seen her in years.  The best friendships are definitely the ones where even though you may not see each other all the time, you are still able to pick up as if you just saw each other the day before. 🙂

Sunday I spent bumming around with Reisha and Jessica.  Had some drinks, made some food, got a cute clutch at this vintage sale.  Perfectly lazy yet pleasant day.

My L.A. trip is this week.  I’m happy  to get out of Chi.  I keep having the urge to just go on holiday.  Who cares where!  I just want to travel.  I’m obviously just restless.

Mikal – Just Disappears (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dj SappoSquatRinse Out 1995

PhysicsJune 09 Promo Mix


01.Lynx&Kemo – Global Enemies (Physics remix)
02.Dirrrty B – Circles On The SurFace – Dub
03.Resound – Kindred Mind – Horizons dub
04.Smote – Genteel Poverty – Good Looking
05.Physics – Future Planet – Dub
06.Mr Joseph – Back On Earth – Dub
07.Chris Inperspective – Enter C – Midnight Sun
08.Atom – Breath In – ?
09.Calibre – Try – Critical
10.Scientist – Lost Kiss – Dub
11.Stunna & Place 42 – Run
12.Furney – Life Begins at 40 – Good Looking
13.Smote – Silence – Telluric Recordings
14.Physics – End Of An Era – Dub
15.LM1&Operon – Crazy Nights – Midnight Sun
16.Soul Intent – Orbit – Midnight Sun

Rusko = Party

Woh.  Me and Daniela decided to go see Rusko last night and the man does not disappoint.  Once again I guess Smart Bar was the place to be.  When did thursday nights at Smart Bar become the hot spot?  I usually despise going to that dungeon but the past 2 thursdays there have been pretty spot on, packed, people dancing, awesome music.  I had a really good time.

Going to Philly for the weekend.  Woot.

Dj Roots feat. The Ego & Ill-eshaUniverse (track is in  Dj Roots player)

Today’s Oldie:
Random MovementStars In The DarkBassbin Recordings 2005
There’s not much to say.  I love RM.  We all know that.  This was my first record of his.  Love it.

BalistikLive Mix On DnB Radio 04/02/09
no tracklist

“I’m The One To Blame”

Came into work early today. Got a lot of crap to do. Better get to it. 🙂


Black Sun EmpireFiring Squad (SKC Remix)

I’m going to Seminar tonight for a little dubstep presha! Should be good times. Clever from Offshore is playing along with Cringer and BRC. If you’re in Chi you should come out. You know you’re pretty much guaranteed to see me at Lava on wednesdays… It’s a 5 minute walk from my house dammit!

Today’s Oldie: Everything But The GirlBlame (J Majik Remix) – Virgin 1999 I can tell you where I lost every record I’ve ever lost. LOL. The whole losing of the record is always so traumatic for me (god I love to exaggerate) that I remember the moment like it was yesterday. I love this remix. Like love love love it. It just evoked such a happy warm feeling that I always got excited when it came on. I loved the Everything But The Girl original and I just think that J Majik did a lovely job with the remix. I mixed at this huge new years eve party that year. It was about to be ’00 and the party was just insane.  I had a blast but there was seriously like 12 of us mixing from around 9pm to about 6am and all our records got mixed together due to the debauchery that was taking place. I’m usually pretty anal about watching over my records but these were all my really close friends so I was kinda lax about putting them away. When i got home the next evening, yes next evening, LOL, I was putting my records away and that record was nowhere to be found. It was part of a remix LP and I only had the other record with the other remixes that I didn’t like on it. Boo. I remember hounding Jimmy about whether or not he’d seen it and was so gutted. Lame. I know one of my friends probably has it but their record collections were all ridiculously huge and there wasn’t really any intense hunting going on to find it. I couldn’t find another copy of it around that time and just was so bummed. I had actually forgotten about it until today. I just found a copy online and bought it. Yay. This oldies section is doing wonders for replenishing my record collection. 😉

Operon – Australian Atmospherics Bassdrive 11/10/08



01. Kubatko – ‘Flying Without Wings’ (red mist)
02. Electrosoul System – ‘So Close’ (fokuz)
03. Glen E Ston – ‘Glow AM’ (dub)
04. Smote – ‘Living Soul’ (red mist)
05. Paul T – ‘Thirty Something’ (dub)
06. Switch – ‘Documents’ (fokuz)
07. Operon – ‘Want To Dance’ (dub)
08. Invisible Landscape- ‘Sunset’ (dub)
09. Well Being – ‘Without a Doubt’ (fokuz dub)
10. Kharm – ‘Elisa’ (dub)
11. Donnie Dubson – ‘Say Goodbye’ (fokuz)
12. Paul SG & Eros- ‘Green & Blue’ (dub)
13. Operon – ‘Whats The Soul’ (Vibez dub)
14. Spherique – ‘Falling Leaves’ (dub) Still really loving this one. That vocal is so pretty.
15. Subside – ‘Quiet’ (dub)
16. Brother – ‘Reversal’ (fokuz)


01. Craggz & Parallel Forces – Lost in Translation (Valve)
02. Raw Q – Vital Soul (Bingo)
03. Jaheim – Put that Woman First – (Calibre Remix) – (white Label)
04. Total Science & Marky – Tunnel Vision (CIA)
05. Greg Packer – Colourblind World (Interphase)
06. Dj Marky and Bungle – Back Like That – (White Label)
07. Random Movement – Her songs (Innerground Records Promo)
08. Solar G – Liquid Soul (white Label)
09. Makoto – Freedom Suite (Goodlooking)
10. DJ Roots e Theego – Sorriso de For V.I.P. (white Label)
11. Cinematic & P-R-S – Luminous Colours (Have-a-Break Recordings)
12. Ben Mono feat Bajka – Suburban Resident (Dharma One Remix) (Compost Records)
13. Bungle – Good Times (Liqweed Ganja)
14. Incognito – Raise (Nerada)

I <3 Redeyes

Well, if you weren’t at Smart Bar last night, you kinda missed out. I really had a good time. Awesome music. Lots of people dancing and having fun. Even I danced a couple of times which is pretty much of unheard of lately. 😉 Fun times. It was that feeling that I want shows to have that we never seem to have anymore since we don’t seem to be recruiting new people to the scene. Last night was a good sign though so big ups Midway.

Weekend. Yay. Going to Milwaukee on saturday to hang out with my buddy Mollie. I’m excited to see her. She lives in L.A. but has to go to Milwaukee for some work thing so I’m going to drive there on saturday and kick it.

Hot Tracks:

Soul Mosaic (Redeyes & Youthman) – Listen To Your Heart Love this one! It’s the 9th release on Blu Saphir. I’m just starting to know about Youthman. The French are killing it. Seriously.

Redeyes – Battle of Sweet Things

Yeh yeh, I know another Redeyes. Can’t help it. Love the stuff he’s doing right now. He’s dope. I could add more tracks by him but that’s just silly. 😉

Today’s Oldie:

Dj KrustFreak Show Full Cycle Records 2000 This track is great! It’s really easy to imagine a freak show with this bassline. Is it weird to say it’s a tasteful clownstep track? It’s totally not annoying and is really fun to mix. Whenever I play it I mostly just ride out the mix cuz it emphasizes all the elements beautifully while in the mix.

Bass Goes Boom tonight. Haven’t been for a hot minute. Should be fun to get my dubstep fix on.

Have a good weekend.

ATPBassdrive Guest Mix


Split Second-Tequilla Sunset (Liq-weed Ganja)
Utah Jazz- Deepend (Liquid V)
Unknown – Joss STone Bootleg
Atlantic Connection and Lynx-Danger Zone (Westbay)
Operon-Inch by Inch (Covert Ops)
Sol Id- Long Way From Home (Basswerk)
ATP-Struggle (Golden Orb)
Kubiks and Lomax- Despite Everything (Deep Kut)
Enea-Star (Basswerk)
Random Movement-Lesson and Aftermath (Deep Kut)
Glen E Ston- Equinox (Dub)
Brother-Little Child (Sonorous)
Kubiks and Zetek- Level Plains (Rubiks)
Mosus- Whistle Back (Advanced)
Kubiks and Zetek-Cyanide (Rubiks)
Raf and Ill Logic-Forever (Liquid V)
Mutated Forms- Blue Magic (New Identity)
Split Second- Feel You (Liq-Weed Ganja)
Dave Owen- Doggone (Dub)

Basslines & Broomsticks

I was telling Stunna yesterday that I’ve totally been in a lazy funk. At first I was annoyed and stressed for a couple of weeks and now I’m just lazy. I decided to snap out of it yesterday and I’m in full form again. I went crazy listening to dnb and am back to full on post it note scrawled pieces of paper form. I have tracks to talk about and I actually went out. Holla.

It was dubstep night at Seminar. Chicago’s dubstep scene really is fire. Nameloc and Borja are on some other shit with their production. Loves it!

Tunes I’m lovin’:

NaibuHere Now (track is in the player) It’s no secret that I heart Naibu. This track is dope.

Arje – Awakenings Really great rolling track. Heard this on Overfiend’s show. No sample but definitely check out the stuff in his player.

Future EngineersEden ( Method One Remix) Track is in the player.

Today’s Oldie:
EZ RollersTough At The Top (Origin Unknown Remix)Moving Shadow 1998 Talk about great remix. I loved the original already and then Origin Unknown came with this gritty version and it was fire. Loves it.

If you’re in Chi you should make a trip to Smart Bar tonight for some liquidy goodness at Junglefly. All of your faves in the house, Stunna, BRC, Submorphics etc. Should be a good night.

Marcus Intalex feat. BreakSoul:ution Radio 12


Instra:Mental – Photograph – Darkestral
Carl Matthes & Tyler Straub – Avani – Break The Surface
Break Feat Kyo – Last Chance – Symmetry
Spy – Monochrome – Soulr
Calibre – Two – Drop – Signature
Lynx & Kemo – You Are Being Lied To – Soulr
Marcus Intalex – Electrocution – Soulr
Lomax – Too Real – Soulr
Mutt – Go On And Cry – Inside
Benny Page – Run It Back -Dub
D-Bridge – Wonder Where – Non Plus
– Break In The Mix 45 Minutes –
Craggz & Parallel Forces- Shake The Disease – Dub
DJ Stretch – Papa Lover (Serum Remix) – Dub
Lomax – Shortlist – Dub
Lynx feat. Spoonface – All You Own – Soulr
Calibre – Trying To Remember – Signature
Dan Habarnam – Zoom Back Camera – Dub
Marcus Intalex – Debbit – Revolver


The internet was down all day at work.  Thank god I’d saved the draft before it went down.  Everyone was losing their mind.  Try working in an office from 9 to 5 with no internet.  Yeh.  Not fun.  Dunno how people did it before. 🙂

Anyway back to my original post….

Friday.  Yes. ❤

Bass Goes Boom tonight.  Headhunter.  Should be fire.

I’m kinda out of it.  I went to bed really early and then woke up at 1 a.m. because I really can’t sleep more than 4 hours.  Did some laundry, did the dishes, cleaned my room, then went back to sleep from 430 a.m. to 6 a.m.  Which is all fine and dandy but now I’m cracked out.  I really have to figure out how to sort out my sleep pattern.

Friday means what??  Spinn of course.  If you missed it go to his site and get the archive.  Good good ish.

I’m in planning mode.  I’m having a bday party at my house and am trying to get my self sorted.  I want it to be fun but not crazy.  I’m too old for crazy.

Heard this one on Spinn’s show today.  Pretty hot.

Cybass & Peixe Kru feat MeliantiMy Girl (Madmen & Poets Remix) It’s track #5 in the player

Also Stunna played this one on wednesday.

Radicall – Early Autumn (It’s not in the player but check out his other stuff)

Have a good weekend


HayzeInfluenza Media Podcast October ’08


Random Movement – Hotter Measure – DUB

Redeyes ft Sweed – The Night Is Over – SPEARHEAD

Electrosoul system – With You – INNERGROUND

Insiders – Burning RMX – DUB

Eveson – Hotwax- CHANNEL 82

Calibre – Mister Right On – SIGNATURE

Sabre – Gift You Gave VIP – DUB

Marcus Intalex- Skizm – SOUL:R

Alix Perez & Survival – Untitled – AUDIO TACTICS

Matrics & Fears – Climate – METRO

Mixmaster Doc- MR Scott – SONOROUS MUSIC

Zero T – Too Much – INTEGRAL

Bal – All City – BRAND NU

Marcus Intalex – Cabin Fever – SOUL:R

Bungle – Close Your Eyes – SONOROUS MUSIC

Soulmatic – Self Belief – GOOD LOOKING

Unknown – Sweet Love RMX – DUB

Mist – Play On Me – SOUL:R

Mixmaster Doc & Random Movement – My Sentiments – INNERGROUND

Furney & Tayla – Twenty Five To Live – TELLURIC

Sinistarr – Park Avenue – DUB

Redeyes & Eveson – State Of Mind – CHANNEL 82

FBI Don’t You Be Watching Me

I was listening to Ol DB (R.I.P.) – Got Your Money on the way to work this a.m. Classic.

I honestly had the best weekend ever. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on having two days off a week for the past 13 years. It was heavenly. I was so lazy. I actually didn’t even leave my house yesterday. I got a lot done and managed to take numerous naps, eat copious amounts of food and watch a ton of telly. Nice.

Friday was the only night I went out. Bass Goes Boom. 6 Blocc. Yikes! Now that was a party and a half! Chicago’s dubstep scene is fire I tell you. 6 Blocc was sick! I love it that people are into dubstep. I’m used to listening to music that no one else listens to. I’m content to have my dubstep parties by myself while I clean the house but it’s definitely more fun when there’s a packed bar, right? 😉

I remember when I first moved to Chicago and the dnb scene was packed like that. 😦 Oh well, I won’t complain. Some places don’t even have a scene, right?

So I don’t know if I told you that Seminar changed from an all dnb night to a “home of the UK underground” night, so basically when I play there on the 24th I can play a 2step/garage set if I wanted. I love mixing old skool 2step/garage sets. I’ve got really good old records. I’m still deciding, I’ll keep you posted.

I’m excited to listen to this mix.  The tracklist is filled with loads of people I like.

StunnaInfluenza Media Podcast September 2008 Part 2

Influenza Media